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Fixing & Updating Pages, Adding Videos,

Welcome To The Moreuknow.net I've Revamped As You Can See. The Links To The Left Are Being Worked On And Updated. WHITE Links Work But May Need Updating - The Grey Links Are Links That Lead Off The Site - Red Links Are Not Started As Yet. The Video Link Above, Goes To My Rumble & Brighteon Videos. More Than 1000 Uploaded And Growing. The Links And PDF'S  Well, That's Self Explanatory. I Hope To Keep This Page Updated Every Wednesday. If I Find Information That Should Be Shared, I Will Do So Here, As Well As On Truth Social & Brighteon Social.


We All Know One Or Two. I Have A Childhood Friend, Part Of My Family Really, 55 Years We Have Known Each Other. As Much As I Have Shown Him With Videos And Documents He Still Remains A Sheep. Doesn't Matter The Subject, Ukraine, Biden, The Vaccine. He Says He Keeps An Open Mind, However, The "Proof" Should Be Able To Change His Mind. But It Doesn't. Just Last Night He Told Me There Was No Evidence Of Bio Labs In Ukraine. Yes, I Have Shown Him The Evidence But The TV Debunks My Evidence So...

I've Been Explaining Things To Him For Months Now. He Politely Agrees Then Puts His Television On To Get "The Truth." I've Come To The Conclusion That He's Not Going To Change His Mind. His Brother Has Even Tried. In Fact, He's Been Programed To Blame Trump For Everything. Even After Almost Three Years It's Still Trump's Fault. That Is How Powerful The Media Has Become. When Trump Said "The Media Is The Enemy Of The People"

He Was So Right. How Many Sheep Cannot Be Shown The Truth?

As Far As I'm Concerned The House Can Chair All The Committees They Want, But The Larger Problems Are Being Overlooked. HR 4310 Needs To Be REPEALED. Without Doing So, We Just Show OUR SIDE Of The Truth, To Ourselves. Our Side Already Knows The Truth. Repeal HR 4310 And Allow The Truth To Be Told To The Sheep. Bring Back "Investigative Reporting" Again. Earn Your Pulitzer Prizes, And Hold The Media Accountable. Like It Used To Be.

Remember, If They Can Divide Us, They Win. But, I Won't Allow The Media To Divide Us. I Guess That's My Point. He Still Is My Family Friend And Nothing Will Change That. I'm Sure We All Are In This Boat With Some Family Or Friends. Don't Let Them Divide You. Politics And Opinions Aside, Keep In Mind, The Family Unit Is What They Are Trying To Destroy. Don't Let Them Win.

2014 - Bio Labs - Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Africa,
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Pakistan,.


  The US Has 336 Bio Labs In 30 Countries

Special Issue 2020. Life & Death In Nazi Occupied Ukraine

So Where Do Fake Accounts Come From?

DEMCAST - Tens Of Thousands Of Fake Accounts

Paul Pelosi Footage

Is Pelosi Snoring? Did He Pass Out?

"Your Welcome"
David Depape

Snow Sculptures

3-D Art

EXTORTION 17 & Seal Team 6

Biden's Afghanistan And Extortion 17

Of The 30 Americans Killed, 22 Were Navy Personal And Seventeen Were SEALS. These Included Two Bomb Specialists And 15 Operators In The Gold Squardron Of DEVGRU, Or Team Six, The Highly Classified Unit That Conducted The Raid That Killed Al Qaeda Leader Osama bin Laden At His Compound In Abbottabad, Pakistan The Previous May. None Of The Operators Killed In The Afghan Helicopter Crash Had Been Involved In That Mission, Officials Said.

17 Seals - 17 Seconds

  The Brunson Complaint On The Supreme Court Docket Jan 6th 2023

Website - LINK

Brunson Brother's Statement

"Just so you know, we were prepared for the courts ruling, we have up to five appeals, also there is a second identical case coming up through the ranks that is being argued differently, now we perfect the claim/case/remedy.  The court is very aware of all of this.  It is a case of first impression, we have several opportunities to get it right.  This is far from over, we are very encouraged.  We will have much more in about two weeks"

"We Have Several Opportunities To Get It Right."  Do NOT Forget, It Still Is Against The Constitution To Not Allow The Ten Days To Investigate. So Much Respect For Theses Brother's. Getting Further Than Anyone Else By Using The Constitution.

Also, Please Don't Lose Sight Of What This Filing Was ALL About. Sovereign Immunity.  REMEMBER, If They Rule That Sovereign Immunity Cannot Be Used To Commit Crimes, And I Believe They Will Based On A Couple Of "Things." Then Lawsuits Can Be Filed. What Are The Couple Of Things I Mentioned ? Conman Sense Things Really.

That SCOTUS Had Made It Known They Were Upset This Lawsuit Got So Far Without The Lower Courts Handling It. What's That Mean? Perhaps The Constitution Is Self Explanatory. However, It Seems Now It Needs A Ruling On How The Sovereign Immunity Is Suppose To Work, According To The Constitution. Another "Thing" I Noticed, The First Filing That Was Dismissed Twice, Was Re-Filed By The Court And Is Idling With 300 Plus Subpoenas. Again, The Court Re-Filed It 2 Weeks After It Was Dismissed, Not The Brunson's. Perhaps Someone Heard What SCOTUS Said And Re-Filed It?

One More "Thing." SCOTUS Has Been Singled Out By The Dems With Anti fa And Roe Vs Wade. Some Have Even Had To Have Body Guards Assigned To Them. Maybe Some Dem Appointed Judges Don't Feel The Same Towards Them As Far As This Decision Goes. So I Feel A Decision Will Probably Be Issued. Court Houses May Get Extremely Busy. Lets Not Forget How This Ruling Could Effect Biden As Well. I'm Pretty Sure He'll Do A Nixon Soon Anyway, Take The Pardon From The President And Disappear.  So Yes...I Still Believe This Has A Good Chance Of Getting A Positive Ruling. My Opinion Of Course, But I'm Sticking With It.

Loy Brunson:

 "We're Filing A Petition For Re Hearing. When It's Docketed For Conference We'll Talk About It. We Also Have Another Case In Federal Court That Has Not Been Dismissed. We're Going To Win This So Fasten Your Seat Belts."

Police Officer Goes Swimming

Taking Off

Wrong Room


Hidden History

America First Lawsuit - PDF

Pfizer Employee Confronted
Project Veritas

Johnson & Johnson Investing In Heart Pumps

Workman's Comp: A Path To Immediate Relief
For Covid Vaccine Injury Victims? - LINK


And The "Stars" Still Push The Vaccine

I SPY.....



Dews - We Don't Need Nukes Anymore, Neither Do They


Biden's Response To Trump's Document Find

Biden Classified Document Problem


Classified Documents Secured In The Corner Of The Garage

I Predict Joe Will Do A Nixon.

This Is Very Alarming.

MK-ULTRA Was Discontinued, We Were Told
Then Why Is The Patent Updated MAY 26, 2020?

Brice Taylor - MK-ULTRA Survivor

Home Depot - Which White Privilege Do You Have?




Natural Medicine On The Chopping Block

World Council For Health - Buy Local

Adam Shift Crying About Being Removed From Intel Committee


"What R U Going To Do When The Deep State Can't Protect You Anymore?"

Greta Getting Arrested For The Cameras

Yoga - Working The Abs Body - Part 6 Of 14



Trump "If You Have A Problem With Somebody You Have To Go After Them"

Baby Racoon

This Weeks WTF Is This?

Living Foods

Did You Know?

Jeffery Epstein

Epstein, Maxwell, The Queen, Maxwell, Kevin Spacey

David Copperfield - "It's Jackpot"

Epstein's Little Black Book

Little Black Book Un-Redacted - PDF - 95 Pages

Flight Log Book - PDF - 100 Pages


  "The Removal Of Adrenchrome From The Smaller Participants."

Blackmail Tapes That Have Been "Sealed" By The Judge

Jeffery Epstein's Connections


Epstein Guard's Admit Faking Records


Epstein Island And Beyond

  Free Printable 2023 Calendars- Link

Cool Gadgets

  MONKEY WERX- 01/23/30 - Middle East On Fire!

Does Not Go Stale

1950 - Einstein

Remember This?

Top Secret Prism Program Used By EVERYONE To Spy On Us

The More U Know...

  Staple Singers


  Babe Ruth Dead  -  1948




World Economic Form

The Bill Of Rights For Kids

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