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Fixing & Updating Pages, Adding Videos,

Welcome To The Moreuknow.net I've Revamped As You Can See. The De-Class Tile Link Are Where The Pictures And Files Are Kept. The Video Link Goes To My Brighteon Videos. More Than 1000 Uploaded And Growing. The Links And PDF'S  Well, That's Self Explanatory. I Hope To Keep This Page Updated Every Wednesday. If I Find Information That Should Be Shared, I Will Do So Here, As Well As On Brighteon Social.

So Here's Something I Found That I Believe May Be A Possibility. Bob Good (R - VA) Was On Steve Bannon Telling Him That Kevin McCarthy Does Not Have The Support To Be Speaker. In Fact He Admitted That He Attempts To Sway Others Not To Vote For McCarthy. 

We All Know McCarthy Cannot Be Trusted. But No One Has Mentioned Another Candidate. Least I Thought So. Then I Found That Bob Good Is Also A Member Of The Freedom Caucus.


This Is Why It Seems So Important For Them To Charge Trump. So He Cannot Be Qualified To Hold Office. He Is Using Sovereign Immunity, Which Is What They ALL Enjoy As Well.

I Invite You To Click The Sovereign Immunity Link To The Left And See Why
They Are NEVER Held Responsible.

Cheney Was Worried About Trump Being Speaker

Then There Is The Brunson Complaint On The Supreme Court Dock

I've Read This And The Appeals. It's Pretty Cut And Dry Really. I Do Want To Caution You However That The US Attorney's Who Had Been Contesting This Case For The Govt. (Not The Defendants) Had The Case Dismissed Once Using Sovereign Immunity As It's Basis. It Is Now On Appeal And Has Made It's Way To SCOTUS. This Has Nothing To Do With Having To Prove Voter Fraud. There Are Many Who Quickly Bring Up All The Evidence That Is Out There. They Are Right, There Is A Lot. However, That Is Not What This Is About. This Is About The 100 People Who Did Not Want To Certify The Votes. Pelosi And Pence Sent Them Away From The Microphones Due To "Covid Restrictions". Then Went On To Certify Anyway. These 100 Politicians, Represent The People. Had They Been Able To Be Heard, Congress Is Required To Allow Ten Days To Review Such Claims. The Constitution Protects Our Voting Rights.
Lets Hope SCOTUS Does As Well.

Website - LINK

Having Read This Complaint, It Is Not Going To Be Easy For SCOTUS To Come To A Decision On What Needs To Be Done. Constitutional Wise, I Believe It Stands. SCOTUS Has To Use The Law In This. However, He Wants 388 Members Removed From Their Positions. He Wants Trump In As President, But The Vice President (Pence) Is Included In The Lawsuit. This Is Getting Very Interesting. BTW, Raland Brunson And His Brothers Are Not A Big Expensive Legal Team. They Know How To Correctly Use The Law, Fill Out Legal Paperwork And File That Paperwork With The Court. They Represented Themselves.  My Hats Off To Them For Getting This Far And Never Giving Up. If This Works, We The People, Will Owe Them A Lot. 

Challenging The Immunity Of Congress

Greg Kelly Also Shows Pence Always Was A RINO

Pence & Pelosi Certify The Illegal 2020 Election

This Suit Hinges On This Video Evidence That The Election Was Not Allowed To Be Questioned.
They Used Covid And The Fact That No Debates Were Allowed. It Wasn't A Debate. It Was A Question.

 Q Post 11/11/22                                            Q Post 11/18/22

Q Post 11/18/22                                          Q Post 11/27/22

Q Post 11/27/22                                             Q Post 11/27/22



Q Post Explained - FTX Information Below

So What Is Going On Here?
 Runbeck Works Directly With The Democrats.
Simulo REMOTE ACCESSIBILITY By Mail Vote Ballot Duplication Software.

Also, I'm Pretty Sure The Chinese Servers That Contain The Voter Rolls Of
Pennsylvania Voters, Are Also An Issue



I'll Put All The FTX Information On It's Own Page.
Next Week. Link To The Left

The Elite's Wanted Ukraine To Go To War With Russia - Trump Slowed Them Up

From JustHuman
This Is Probably What That Q Post Above Is Also About

The Senate Leadership Fund Got In 2.5 Million Dollars From FTX
They Are Checking What OUR Money Bought To Fight This "War"
I'm Betting All Those Who All Of A Sudden Went To Ukraine
Pelosi, Graham, To Name A Few, Also Have Money From FTX

They Were Found Out, Now They Declare Bankruptcy

11/15/22 - FTX Donations To Dems Are Violation Of EO 13848 - LINK

11/16/22 - FTX's Spectacular Collapse Into Bankruptcy - LINK

11/16/22 - FTX Funneled 27 Million To These Democrats - LINK 

11/16/22 - FTX Declares Bankruptcy And Exit Of Democratic Mega Donor CEO - LINK

11/18/22 - FTX Founder Took One Billion Dollar Loan Before Declaring Bankruptcy - LINK

1/19/22 - FTX Donated $300K To House Members Who Are Investigating Him - LINK

11/19/22/ - FTX Former Girlfriend The Investment Arm Of FTX - LINK

11/19/22 - McCarthy Used FTX Funds To Take Out Madison Cawthorn - LINK

11/21/22 - Josh Harley Why Was FTX Scheme Revealed After The Mid Terms - LINK 

11/21/22 - FTX Funded 18 Million Towards Research Towards Claim That
Ivermectin & Hydro Didn't Work Against Covid - LINK

11/22/22 - FTX Gave Over One Million To LGBTQ Victory Fund That
Boosted transgender Lawmaker Into Office. - LINK

11/22/22 - FTX Bankruptcy Court - Judge Rules To Keep Top 50 Creditors Names Redacted - LINK

Alameda Research, A FTX Spin Off, Withdrew $204 Million Before Bankruptcy Filing - LINK

Nov 20th, 2022 - Tickets Only $2,500.00 Each

I SPY.....

Why Fentanyl Is So Dangerous

Putin Telling Schwab He's Not Interested In The NWO

Fluoride Water For Infants?

Mind Controlled Robotic Legs

Getting The Nails Trimmed


Alien Skull?

Alien Skulls

Alien Caught On Camera



Nine Part Illuminati Series
I'll Post Two A Week

Infiltration - Part 3 Of 9

Aliens - Part Four Of 9

The Public Health Emergency, Which Was Set To Expire On Jan 11, Will Remain In Place Through The First Quarter Of 2022. This Will Allow The Government More Time To Offload Responsibility For Covid 19 Vaccines, Tests, Antiviral Treatment And Other Covid 19 Pharmaceuticals To The Private Sector. All Have Been FREE During The "Health Emergency".

Understand, This Is A Business. The Woke Businesses May Require You To Do Testing Before You Can Enter ANY Building. Stores, Church, Schools. Entertainment Or Sports Complexes.

People Believe No Shot Can Be Forced. So Far That's True. But, They Don't Need You To Take The Shot. They Can Wait For That. This Is A Business They Have Built. It's Not Going Away.

11/23/22 - Mask Mandates Could Make A Return - LINK

The Un Vaxed Need Psychiatric Counseling

Workman's Comp: A Path To Immediate Relief
For Covid Vaccine Injury Victims? - LINK

Spike Proteins - Detox Options

We Can Now Defend Against Vaccine Mandates

Remember, They Don't Care. They Have A Business Now. Tests To Get In,
Tests To Fly. Tests YOU Pay For!

Yoga - Bring Your Attention Inside Your Body Part 1 Of 14

A Little More On Pence

Pence On Jan 6th.

Leading The Patriots To Think He's On Our Side.

Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Him & His Wife

No Key? No Problem

How Do You Erupt A Volcano? You Use A DEW

Did You Know?

"Check Back Every Wednesday. You Never Know What I'll Find.... A
nd Post."

  Meet Maria Abramovic
Spirit Cooking Chef - Mentor To Lady Gaga

Maria Abramovic Part 1

Maria & Lady Gaga "Food" Tasting

Maria Abramovic Part 2

Albana In China Is Number One Or Two Company In China

How "Stars" Become Famous



Biden Bingo - Fun For No One

Vintage Flintstones Commercial 

For Those Who Didn't Know, Jobs Died Of AIDS

  Free Printable 2023 Calenders- Link

Best Points For Acupuncture

1978 - Jim Jones

Remember This?

The More U Know...



  1983 - Reba At Gilly's


Can I Freeze It?
  227 Pages

Elon Being Shown How Fake News Works

  MONKEY WERX- 11/28/22 - What's Going On In China?

Warning - Graphic Video
These Are Russian POW's Caught By Ukraine Nazi's.
So Much For The Rules Of War

Pictures MSM Won't Show

President Putin Freeing Ukraine People From Nazi's

Priceless Airline Video

Signers Of The Deceleration Of Independence

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