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5th Generation Warfare

A Part Of 5th Generation Warfare Is The Use Of Dis-Information.

 In The Past You Looked For All The Bad Stuff And Destroyed It
Not Anymore. Now The Intent Is To Discredit.
Hunter's Laptop Was Riddled With Dis Information.
 The Idea Is To Place Pictures Or Made Up Memes Or Documents
Within The Laptop. This Will Create The Slightest Doubt Of The
Authenticity Of The Entire Laptop. That's All You Need.
5GW Is Used On ALL Media. To Give Us The Slightest Doubt?
No... They Lie, And They Lie BIG, Pure And Simple.
Being Aware Of It Helps To Weed Through It.

For Example:

Many Posted This Meme. There Were A Couple Of Different Ones.
This Is Fake.

Why Bother With This? Maybe It Was To Take Your Attention In Another Direction. Keep Your Mind Off The Important Things That Day.

This Alone Is The Reason The Main Stream Media Is Not Held Accountable.
  Also Why They Do Not Get Sued Anymore.



  Add A Pic Of Malia And Her Credit Card
Which Looks Like It Has Been Used To Cut Coke.
This Picture I'm Afraid, Is Also Fake

GNews Perpetrated Numerous Hoaxes In Order To Cast
Doubt On Any Material Said To Be From The Laptop.

 Lady GaGa?..... Afraid Not

Like GNews, Real Raw News Is Another
Ms-Informination Internet "Source"

SNL Skit

How It Works

I Found This Article From March Of 2021 And Of Course I Clicked Onto To It. Rachel Maddow Was Telling Everyone That Sidney Powell Lied About Dominion Being Hacked. That Powell Said This So The Lawsuit Brought Against Her BY DOMINION, Would Be Dismissed? How's That Make Any Sense? Dominion
Brings The Lawsuit, She Admits She Lied And The Judge Dismisses It?
Dominion's Ok With That?

Sidney Powell Admits She Lied About Dominion Voting Machines Hack

In her motion to get the $1.3 billion lawsuit against her dismissed, Sidney Powell admitted that she lied about Dominion voting machines being hacked.

So Of Course I Downloaded The Court PDF And Read It. It's 90 Pages Long, But I'll Save You Some Time. LIES. Judge Threw Out Dominion's Lawsuit AGAINST Sidney Because They Had NO GROUNDS. Pure And Simple. They List 8 Pages Of Other Cases They Site, As Well As Exhibits, From SIDNEY POWELL.
Another Conman Sense Statement Would Be... If This Was True, Wouldn't Sidney Be Brought Up To Face The Bar Association? YES She Would. Turning Her Win Into A Fabricated Lie. If You Didn't Read The Court PDF, You Never Would Have Known. They Count On That.

Court PDF - 90 Pages

5th Generation Warfare

A Part Of 5th Generation Warfare Is The Use Of Dis-Information.
The Fake News Media Is Still Making Up Stories In Magazines,
Newspapers And Of Course On T.V. The Govt Already Has Their
Disinformation Agency Running And Has Been Running For Years.

The Gateway Pundit Now Has A Fact Check Page.
They Fact Check Other Print Media.

For Example:

         Links                                                                                              Links


  This Week's Fake News Is All About Clarence Thomas.
I Believe This Is To Set Up The Attempt To Pack The Court.
Notice How ALL The Headlines Use "Report" Or "Report Says"

Links                                                                      Links



  Kari Lake Was A Reporter. I Can't Imagine How She Feels
Seeing The Fake News About Her.

  Kari Lake

And Instead Of Getting Arrested, The Supreme Court
Rules In Her Favor


Notice The Name DEMCast


Non Profit Lying Media Organization And They Tell You That.

"Manipulating Public Opinion"

So To Be Clear, Obama's Law Allows Non Profit Funded Organizations
To Manipulate Our/ Your Opinions. Not Just The Fake News.

So Soro's Non Profit Ms-Informination Is Media Matters

3 Different Organizations Under It.. Of Course

Who Runs Media Matters?
David Brock, Pizza Gate's Ex Boyfriend James Alefantis

"50 Most Powerful People In Washington"
 Is A Pizza Maker?

It's ALWAYS Connected It Seems.

Created To Stop Donald J Trump

"Focus On Correcting Mis Information
On Gun Violence"

"We Monitor Who And Which Article Is Taking
More Impressions And We Cut It"


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