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Right To Try
- Cancer Causes - Cancer Cures - Spike Proteins - Wellness Devices

I Found A Video From A Dr. Who Tells Us Chemo Therapy Doesn't Work. I Have Seen And Read About This Before. After Chemo, Some Become "Cancer Free" Which I Believe Buys Most Of Them About 5 Years More Of Life. A Lot Are Told "Your Cancer Has Come Back." Out Of The Blue. Most Think They Have Beat It And Do Not Get A Yearly Scan To Make Sure It Hasn't Returned.


Doctor Says Chemo Doesn't Work. Doctors Get Paid To Prescribe It

What Is Cancer?
 It Seems It May Be About Parasites.


Raymond Rife's Machine Not Only Cured Cancer, But Used Frequencies

To Cure Many Illnesses. We'll Get Into His Machine In The Wellness Link.

Meet Joe Tippens. Cured Of Stage 4 Cancer With Fenbenzin

Joe Tippens

Can Be Bought On Amazon

Here You'll Find Recommendations On Dosages

NIH - Fenbendazole Causes Cancer Cells To Die


NIH - Fenbendazole As A Potential Anticancer Drug

There Are Three Members To The Benz Family


"There is no definite evidence of anti-cancer effects in human patients so far: Clinical trial with Fenbendazole is IMPOSSIBLE, because it is not permitted for human use due to toxicities."
They Lie, On Purpose


 Gregg Phillips From True The Vote Also Found Success Using Fenbendazole

Frequencies To Cure Illnesses

In 1931 - 44 Of The Nation's Most Respected Doctors Hold A Dinner To Honor Rife

Dr. Royal Rife's Invention Destroyed Cancer Cells By "Rays"

Good Frequencies


Frequencies And Tones



Just A Small Disclaimer: I Am Not A Dr. I Am Giving You Information I Have Researched So That You Can Be Better Informed Of The "Other" Cancer Treatments Available.
Please Do Your Own Research As Well.  Thanks...

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