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  This Is All About Using Your Political Influential And Power To Gain Money Or Favors,
For Many Of Your Family Members, Including Joe Biden. Primarily Using His Son,
Hunter Biden And Brother Jim Biden.

It's Important To Know That Through All The Money Exchanges Hunter, Jim And Joe Had
No Businesses That Could Have Made Millions Of Dollars. No Real Estate Except Personal Houses.
Yet, Everyone's Income Increased.

Also Just As Important Is Understanding Ukraine. Russia Is The Prize
They Have Been In Control Of Ukraine, Since 2005. Hence The Bio Labs.

Before Trump Was Even Thought Of, McCain And Graham Were Telling
The Ukraine Neo-Nazi's, The U.S. Would Stand By Them In Any War With
Russia. Then, Trump Won And Slowed Them Down.

Two Weeks After President Trump Won, Biden Placed A Call To
Ukraine To Tell Them:

"I Don't Want Trump To Get In A Position Where He Thinks He's About To
Buy Onto A Policy Where The Financial System Is Going To Collapse And
He's Going To Look To Pour More Money Into Ukraine."

Biden Wanted Trump To Stay Out Of Ukraine And With The Fake
Impeachments And The Russia Scam, Trump Was To Busy To Even Notice.

Side-Note: This Brisuma Deal Is About "Energy." The Same Energy The
United States Is Being Forced To Go Without, In The Name Of CLIMATE CHANGE.
See How This Works? In Ukraine, The Elites Get Rich Off Their Investments.
Investments Like Car Batteries, Actually.. Any Batteries And Gas.

Batteries We'll Have To Buy And Gas We'll Have To Do Without.


Tony Bobilinski & Rob Walker: "When He Said Chairman, He Was Talking About His Dad."


Rakishev And Former Kazakhstani PM Karim Massimov - Who Was Fired As His County's
Intelligence Chief And Arrested On Treason Charges In January 2023. - NY POST

Joe: "I've Never Met Any Of My Son's Business Partners."
Except The Ones Above?

Flying With Hunter

4/8/22 - 12 Times Joe Biden Played A Roll In Hunter's Business Deals - LINK

04/05/22 "Who's The Big Guy?" Asks The Grand Jury- LINK

Don't Miss The Sentence: "Many Western Leaders Wanted His Dismissal"
Don't Forget It's Ukraine. Everyone Has A Stake.

Including John Kerry

Why Would Kerry Care? His Son In Law Is Invested.
Biden, Rosemont Seneca, CHINA, Hei

CATL Is One Of The Largest Makers Of ELECTRIC Car Batteries.

Comer Starts His Investigation

The FD-1023 Document, That Started It All, Was Hidden By The FBI. It Was Then
Kept From Senator Grassley For Weeks. He Fought Hard To Get This Document Released.
A Document They Say... Can't Now Be Believed. Then Why Did They Work So Hard To Keep
Senator Grassley From Getting It?

After Several Weeks, They Finally Release It. It's Only 4 Pages Long.
When We Finally Get To See It We Learn Joe Was Paid $5 Million And Hunter Received
Another 5 Million. That The Confidential Informant Has Been Used For Years By The FBI
And Is Very Credible, But That Will Change.

FD-1023 - Unredacted
  4 Page PDF

The Document That Started It All

9/23/2020 - First Report On The Biden Crime Family - PDF 87 PAGES
Committee On Homeland Security And Government Affairs
September 23, 2020

Confidential Human Source (CHS)Provides
 "A Ton Of Information On All Sorts Of Things."

So, The FBI NOW Says The CHS Is Untrustworthy.

In The FD-1023 Form The FBI Hid, The Confidential Human Source (CHS)
States That Joe Had Received 5 Million.
Keep In Mind That Zlochevsky, Was A Reliable Informant To The FBI
For Many Years.
Zlochevsky Is Now Wanted In The U.S.
In Biden's D.O.J., You Lock Up Any Witnesses Against You.


Bursima Owner Mykola Zlochevsky Claimed He Paid $5 Million Apiece In
Bribes To Joe And Hunter Biden In Exchange
For The Then
Vice-President, Joe Biden,  Pushing To Oust Ukrainian Prosecutor
General Viktor Shokin. Of Course Ukraine Then Started An
Into Zlochevsky For "Theft Of Government Funds" Which Is Currently
"On Hold" Because Zlochevsky Cannot 
Be Located.

The FBI Agents Who Hid This Information Were Tim Tebow & Lesley Wolf.
"..There Should Be Nothing About Political Figure 1 In Here."


  Wolf & Thibault Were "Retired." - Both Received Better Jobs.

As We Continue, You'll See How Contradicted This Gets.

The Informant Who Gave Them This Information Must Have Been Credible. If Not, Why Hide It?
You Investigate It And Close The Investigation If It's False.
You Don't Hide It. But.... That Didn't Happen.

Instead David Weiss, Yes.. The Same David Weiss That's "Investigating" Hunter.
Says His Investigation Has Determined That The Informant,
Zlochevsky, Is NOT Credible.  

The "Witnesses" Have Been Taken Care Of By Joe And His DOJ.
Most Are Facing Arrest If They Come To The U.S.
Seems To Be Plenty Of Evidence Against Jim And Hunter.
 Joe Has Been Taken Care Of.

Seems We Are Left With Only Joe's Video Admissions To His Bribe To Ukraine.

IRS  Whistle Blower

Biden's First Bribe Tape Released

Biden Crime Family's LLC's

Biden Money Trail

"I Wouldn't Assume I'm Not Corrupt"

Biden Bragging How He Got The Prosecutor Fired

Biden's Bribe Tape Part Two

Biden Bribe Tape Transcript - Link

Robert Biden $59.900
Robert Biden - $59,725
Robert Biden - $60.091.24
11/09/2015 -

The Ukraine Investigators Wanted To Come To America With
Evidence On Biden... And Election Interference.
The D.O.J. Denied Their Visa Requests

Ukraine Prosecutors

Joe Biden Has Always Been A Racist

Soros Was Already In Ukraine.
He Tells How Joe Biden Helped Him


Gal Luft

Lutz, Who Says He Has Recordings Of Joe, Has Been Indicted.
If He Comes To The U.S. To Testify, He's Locked Up.

He Told The FBI Everything And It Was All Held Back.

Luft Sealed Indictment


Joe: "Nobody Fucks With A Biden"


Joe Has His Own Way Of Telling Us The Truth


More Evidence


Impeachment Inquiry


CV-03819-LMM - Southeastern Legal VS National Archives

Peter Henderson
Joe's E-Mail Alias

Weiss Subpoena

Cataway Bank 8967

Cataway Bank 8992

Biden's Financial Disclose Report 2020

Biden's Financial Disclose Report 2021

Biden Crime Family Evidence

 Updated Exhibit Website

Ukraine - 2030

The Take Over Of Ukraine, Like Afghanistan And Libra, Was Planned.
The Elites Use Ukraine For Bio Labs, And Money Laundering.

Ukraine Has Become A Model For Their Plans For The United States.

Remember, This Whole Changeover Wasn't Suppose To Take Until 2030
..Slowly, So We Didn't Notice. Trump Becoming President Meant They Lost 4 Years.
Now, They Are Throwing It At Us All At Once. I Believe That Helps People
See Their Objectives, Instead Of The "Stealth" Way They Use, Repeatably On Us.

They Pass "Bills" To Change Laws, That Change Our Constitutional Rights. 

Rudy Explains

Senator Obama In Ukraine In 2005

Empty Bio Containers

METABIOTA, HUNTER BIDEN, (Rosemont Seneca) SOROS, (Open Society) BLACK & VEATCH,
DEMOCRATIC PARTY (Why They All Vote For Ukraine) Walter Reid & The DoD.

  2015 - United States Patent - Toxic Mosquito Aerial Release System

Putin Mentioned This "Idea" Was Being Sought, To Poison Russia People.

DOD Award's Metabiota $29.9 Million, In Ukraine in 2014 (Obama)

This Company Needs More Investigation.

Burning Documents / Biden Metabiota


Bio Labs

Hunter Would Like The Charges Dismissed.

Hunter Biden


I Should Add Here... Lesley Wolf Was Being Looked At By The OIG
Before She "Resigned." Do You Think Garland & Wray Backed Off
On David Weiss After The OIG Was Installed On Dec 22, 2022? Do You Think
That Weiss Was Given Special Council Because Of The New OIG?

When Asked If Garland Had Held Back His Investigation Into The Biden's, Weiss
Covered His Ass And Said "At Anytime I Could Have Asked And I Assumed I Could Get It." 

Not True. Remember Weiss And Lesley Wolf Have Had The Evidence For Years.
If That Was True, Why Did It Take A Committee To Start The Investigation Back Up
Again?  I Believe It Was Never Suppose To Go Any Further.

New Charges Filed Against Hunter

Hunter's Lawyer Is Very Good. He Represented Jared Kushner And Ivanka Trump In A
Lawsuit And Won. But Don't Kid Yourself... Here Is What He Had To Say About Biden's Investigation.

"This Is Another Political Stunt Aimed At Distracting From The Glaring Failure Of Rep Comer And His MAGA Allies
To Prove A Single One Of Their Wild And Now Discredited Conspiracies About The Biden Family". Lowell Said. - NY POST

Firearm In Possession By A Drug Addict
Which He Has Pleaded Not Guilty To.

The Old Gun Charges Have Been Dismissed

Because Hunter Now Has Three Gun Charges.

CR-00061-MN - PDF - 4 PAGES

Gun Charges

CR-00559-MCS - PDF - 56 Pages

Tax Charges


Where Are The MANN Act Charges That Implicate Joe?

Wheres The MANN Act Charges On Hunter?

CV-02711 - PDF - 27 Pages
Biden VS IRS

Then He Sues Rudy For Breaking Into His Laptop

PDF- Pages

Get To Know Hunter Biden

Hunter's E-Mails

Hunter's Bills PDF

Laptop From Hell - Miranda Divine PDF

Tony Bobulinski, Eric Schwerin, Devon Archer, Rob Walker, James Gilliar,
Mervyn Yan - Carol Fox - Americore Health - Joey Langston, John Hynansky And
Jason Galanis

Some Names That Will Be Coming Up.

George Berges Soho Galleria

   Art Patron Elizabeth Nafiali And Hunter Biden

After Buying Hunter's Artwork Nafiali Was Appointed  By Joe To Be The
Head Of The Commission For The Preservation Of America's Heritage Abroad. 

Two Biden's, One Objective.
Cash In On That Name


President Biden Received $40,000 In Laundered Money From CEFC China Energy,
A Chinese Energy Conglomerate Tasked With Spreading China's Belt And Road Initiative.


House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep James Comer Reveals The Ten Biden Family Members Who Received Money From Chinese, Russian, And Ukrainian Foreign Nationals Via At Least Twenty Shell Companies. (Above)

1. Joe Biden, 2. Hunter Biden 3. James Biden 4. Sara Biden 5. Hallie Biden 6. Melissa Biden (New Wife) 7. Kathleen Biden (Ex Wife) 8. Niece/Nephew 9. Niece/Nephew 10. Grandchild

The Biden Family Never Registered With The Department of Justice As Foreign Lobbyists  In Violation Of The Foreign Agent Registration Act.

Biden Crime Family - Part 1

Biden Crime Family - Part 2


  Two Lawsuits So Far, Against Jim Biden.

19-CV-00046 - Diverse Medical VS Americore - Biden's Response

 Fact Sheet For CV-00046

James Biden & Sara Biden Never Registered As Foreign Agents.

Biden / Archer E-Mails

Tony Bobulinski - Gilliar Messages

James Gilliar

Joe Biden's Income Has Increased By The Millions. Biden Jumped 6.5 Million In
 Two Years While President. And Not Just His Income, But His
Family Members As

As Brother Frank Biden's Shirt Reminds Us.. "The Biden Team"

Brother Jim Almost Lost His House Investing With Hunter, Just A Few Short Years
 Ago. He Is Listed As An American Healthcare Specialist.
Really? He Has Had
 More Jobs Than My Kids. I'm Guessing His Sister's Husband Helped With That
 Title. However, As A Healthcare Specialist,
His Source Of Income Listed Isn't
 Healthcare At All. It's Politics And "Social Activities" Believe It Or Not, He Is
 NOW Worth 7 Million Dollars.


 Hunter's Sister Ashley Married Dr. Howard Krien, Joe's New Son-In-Law Helped
 Start A Company Called StarUp Health. ( Probably Where Brother Jim Got His
 Title Heathcare Specialist. ) How Did Start Up Health
Gain Access To The Highest
 Levels Of Power In Washington? Same Way Hunter Gets Access. The Chief
 Medical Officer Of StartUp Health, Is Biden's Son In Law,
Dr. Howard Krien. 

 Joe's Sister Valerie Ran All His Senate Campaigns As Well As Presidential Runs In
 1988 & 2008. She Is A Senior Partner In A Political Messaging
Firm Named Joe
 Slade White & Company. The Only Two Executives Listed Were Joe Slade White
 & Valerie. The Firm Received Large Fees
From The Biden Campaigns That Valerie
 Was Running. Two And A Half Million Dollars In "Consulting Fees" Flowed To Her
 Firm From Citizen's
For Biden And Biden For President Inc, During The 2008
 Presidential Bid Alone. Joe Slade White And Company Worked For Joe Over 18

"....If You Were Able To Tell Russia To Keep Your Gas"

Lets Not Forget The Nord Pipeline Was Blown Up

So Now We Come To Ukraine, Where The Biden Team Ensured No Arrests Would Take Place  Over Hunter's Business Deals With Burisma. He Threatened To Withhold Funds Unless The Prosecutor Looking Into His Son's Business Dealings Was Fired. So That's Not Treason?
All Know It. Everyone Of Them. But Lets Be Honest. Y
ou Don't Throw Stones At A Glass House
If You Live In One As Well.   

 Interesting How Russia And China Deals Are Never Mentioned. Just Ukraine. Just As Interesting Is The Fact That, Devon Archer Was Tried And Jailed... But Not His 
Partner Hunter. And... That Tony Bobulinski Reported Joe Biden Was
"The Big Guy" To The
FBI. They, The FBI, Saved Us All By Covering This Story
Up So Elections Could Play Out Like
They ALL Wanted. Election Interference? YES.

 But It's Deeper Than Just This. Social Media, FBI, CIA, And The Obama Admin, All Had A Hand In The Dis-Information We Were Fed. Or The Covered Up Of The Truth, To "Win" This Election.
 I Haven't Even Mentioned The "Russia Collusion" Fraud.

Hunter Got A $142K Porsche Days After Joe Sat Down To Dinner
With His Russian Business Associates At Cafe Milano In DC - NY POST

Hunter Biden Was Paid As Much As $83,333 A Month - Or One Million A Year, To Serve
On The Board Of Busrima. When His Dad Left Office As Vice President,
Hunter's Salary Was Cut In Half, According To Emails Contained On The Laptop. - NY POST

Devon Archer


Hunter Biden's Ex Business Partner Devon Archer Told Congress That Joe Biden's "Intimidating" Influence Directly Led To His Son Receiving Huge Sums Of Foreign Money - And A $142,300 Porsche.  Archer Said That "The Biden "Brand" Acted As Protection For Ukrainian Oil Company Burisma Because People Would Be Intimated To Mess With Them."

Tony Bobulinski

Tony Bobulinski Interview With Tucker Explaining That Joe Biden WAS Directly Involved In Hunter's Business Dealings.

Tony Bobulinski's Deposition - PDF - 13 Pages

"Hunter's Presence On Busima's Board And Access To His Father, Then VP Biden, Led To The Companies Longevity Because They Had The Capabilities To Navigate D.C." Archer Said According To The Transcript.

"I Think Bursima Would Have Gone Out Of Business If It Didn't Have The Brand Attached To It. That's Like, Only Honest Opinion." Archer Continued. He Confirmed That Hunter Put Joe On Speakerphone 20 Times During Business Meetings Over A Ten Year Period, Which Was A "Signal" Of Value, And Hunter Used His Dad As Defensive Leverage." 

Devon Archer - Deposition - PDF

This Starts With A "Bribe" From Russia's Former First Lady Baturina.
She Was Spared Sanctions After Sending Hunter 3.5 Million. When All Of Russia
Was Supposed To Be Sanctioned.

Yelena Baturian - Former First Lady Of Moscow

Baturina, the former first lady of Moscow, assembled her $1.3 billion fortune through real estate and investments and dined with Hunter Biden and then-Vice President Joe Biden at least once at DC’s Café Milano. For reasons that remain unclear, she transferred $3.5 million in February 2014 to a firm controlled by Hunter and his associate Devon Archer. President Biden’s administration on Thursday sanctioned more Russian oligarchs — but continued to spare two billionaires who worked with first son Hunter Biden.

Baturina attended a previously unknown dinner with then-Vice President Biden and Hunter’s Kazakhstani associates in spring 2014 at Café Milano, Archer told the House Oversight Committee on July 31.

She also supped in April 2015 at the same restaurant with Joe and Hunter Biden and the then-second son’s Ukrainian and Kazakhstani patrons, an eyewitness told The Post. She was discussed as an invitee to that meal in records found on Hunter’s abandoned laptop.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov

Hunter met at least twice with Yevtushenkov, according to records from his laptop. Yevtushenkov’s company Sistema controls Russia’s largest cellphone provider, MTS, and until last year owned Russian rocket and radar-maker RTI and military drone-maker Kronstadt.

Yevtushenkov allegedly sought to work with Hunter Biden due to a Justice Department investigation of MTS for paying nearly $1 billion in bribes to Uzbekistani officials between 2004 and 2012. Oligarchs Yelena Baturina and Vladimir Yevtushenkov weren’t among the new targets — even though they have similarities to other newly sanctioned business people.

Yevtushenkov has acknowledged meeting Hunter Biden at the Ritz-Carlton in Manhattan in March 2012 and laptop records indicate they met again in January 2013 in DC before looking at a commercial real estate development the next day in northern Virginia.

“I asked [Yevtushenkov], ‘Why are you doing this?’ on the front end — before I understood that they were going to buy some real estate,” a source told The Post. “‘Why are you even doing this? Why would you be paying the son of the vice president to meet at a public restaurant in New York City?’

“He made it very clear to me that, you know … ‘I think it would be good to have a good relationship with this guy … maybe he can do a favor for us and we can do a favor for him,’” the source continued. “It was a complete quid pro quo that he was going in for.”

“I told him that’s not the way it works in America, [but] he basically laughed at me and told me I was so naïve,” the source recalled of Yevtushenkov. Vladimir Yevtushenkov courted Hunter Biden while his vice-president father helped lead the Obama administration’s efforts to “reset” relations with the Kremlin.

MTS ultimately settled the Uzbekistan corruption case with the Trump Justice Department in 2019 and paid an $850 million fine. The NYSE froze trading of shares in the company last year after the invasion of Ukraine.

Baturina and Yevtushenkov courted Hunter Biden while his vice-president father helped lead the Obama administration’s efforts to “reset” relations with the Kremlin before taking over the US’s Ukraine policy following Russia’s seizure of Crimea in 2014.

The scope of Baturina and Yevtushenkov’s eventual US property investments is unclear, as is the share of proceeds that may have been shared with Hunter.

The House Oversight Committee in August released a report tracing the transfer of most of Baturina’s $3.5 million onto other entities co-held by Hunter Biden and Archer, but Archer said he was unsure of what the money was for and the ultimate disposition remains murky.

$142,300 Porsche

  Part Of Russia Perks

Che Fang - China Connection - BHR

Ye Jianming, China Connection -  CEFC
 Li Ming - China Connection - Rosemont Reality
Henry Zhao - China Connection - BHR

Patrick Ho, China Connection -  CEFC

James Gilliar - "Get Joe Involved"

China Deal: "I Think Your In The Clear"

Ye Jianming Of China Gave Hunter A $80,000 Diamond
Part Of The China Perks

Jim To Hunter:
I Can Work With Your Dad Alone!! We As Usual,
Just Need Several Months Of His Help For This To Work.

Hunter To Jim:
Anyway, We Can Talk Later But You've Been Drawn Into Something
Purely For The Purpose Of Protecting Dad."

Income Increase

Rehoboth Beach House
Joe Paid 2.5 Million In CASH In 2017

In 2017 Hunter Biden Also Paid Off His Mortgage.