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 I Don't Believe There Is Anyway To Stop The Onslaught Of IRS Agents And The Audits They Will Want From Us. They Are Hiring 87,000. Agents. Enough To Place 1,740 Agents In Each State. That Should Move Audits Right Along. If Your A Small Business Owner Or Soul Proprietor, It May Be Time To Take A Look Back At Your Mileage Claims And Your SE - Self Employment Tax. Start Gathering All Receipts You Claimed. Make Sure The Numbers Add Up. I'd Suggest Doing At Least Three Years Worth Of Looking Back. I've Been Audited Before And Know...They Don't Audit Just One Year.   


I Keep Finding These Videos Saying The Same Thing
There Is NO Law

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08/12/22 - New Analysis Shows IRS Will Target Middle Class Americans - Link

So, They Are Coming After Small Business Owners. If You Know In Advance, I'd Suggest Checking Your Taxes For The Past Few Years.  I'm Not Trying To Scare Anyone Here, But In Case This Happens, Remember, Your Money Won't Be Frozen If It's Not In A Bank. Just A Thought.


Your Birth Certificate Seems To Be Their Receipt

And Again
We Do Not Have To Pay Taxes


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