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What A Rabbit Hole To Go Down. They Hide Everything. What They Do Tell You, Is Usually Bundled Together. Nothing In Chronological Order. Knowing Obama Had A False Birth Certificate Already, I Wondered If He Was A Product Of The Elites, To Grow Up And Become The Insider President And Destroy Our County From Within... All On Purpose.

So, I Started With The Grand Parents Who "Brought Him Up" And Influenced Him. After Checking Dates And Looking At Pictures, It's Difficult To Know How Long The Grand Parents Had Obama. He Was Sent To Indonesia To Study Islam At Some Point. I Have One School Paper From Barry Soetoro And Pictures Of Obama That Show, He Was There In Indonesia For A While. We'll Get To Those.

Barack Obama Sr And Ann Dunham                            Obama And His Dad

But.. Lets Get Back To Stanley Ann Dunham's Parents.

Stanley Ann Durham Was Born November 29, 1942, In Wichita, Kansas. Named After Her Father Because Her Wanted A Boy, She Was The Only Child Of Stanley Armour Dunham And Madelyn Lee Payne. Her Father Left To Join The Army After The Attack On Pearl Harbor, Leaving His Wife, Who Worked For Boeing In Wichita, Kansas, To Care For Their Daughter Ann By Herself.

He Spent 4 Years In The Army Before Coming Home And Eventually Settling In Seattle Washington. After Ann Graduated In 1960, He Moved His Family To Honolulu, Hawaii

The Bios On Both Of Her Parents Are Very Vague, As You'd Expect. However, On His Bio I Did Find This Quote:

"A Rebellious Teenager, Dunham Allegedly Punched His High School Principal And Spent Some Time Drifting And Hopping Rail Cars To Chicago, California And Back Again. He Married Madelyn Lee Payne On May 5th, 1940, The Night Of Her Senior Prom."

And This Was At The End Of His Bio:

Stanley Dunham's Distant Cousins Include Six US Presidents - And Another President Who Is Durham's Grandson: James Madison, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, George H W Bush, George W Bush, Plus Barack Obama. Durham Is Also Related To Former Vice President Dick Cheney (An Eight Cousin Once Removed) Durham Is President Harry S Truman's 4Th Cousin, (Twice Removed) Durham And Wild Bill Hickok Are Sixth Cousins, (Four Times Removed) 

In His Book, Obama Described His Grandmother As "Quiet Yet Firm" In Contrast To His Boisterous Grandfather. Her Colleagues Recall Her As A "Tough Boss" Who Would Make You Sink Or Swim, But Who Had A Soft Spot For Those Willing To Work Hard

Obama Remembers, "I'd Arrived At An Unspoken Pact With My Grand Parents. I Could Live With Them And They'd Leave Me Alone So  Long As I Kept My Trouble Out Of Sight."

So The Connections Are There Remotely With Past Presidents. But One Important Connection I
Could Find Who Had A Large Influence In Obama's Past Was From An "Uncle Frank". So Who Is Uncle Frank? Well, Being Obama Was Black His Grand Father Thought He Needed A Black Mentor To Help Him Understand His Race.

Stanley Dunham, Had Picked Frank Davis As That Mentor For Obama. Davis, Who Was Black, Fit The Bill. "It Was A Terrible Decision." Kincaid Commented. "He Turned Over The Young Obama To A Communist Sex Pervert For Moral Guidance." Davis Was Not Only A Communist, But Also A Photographer Who Wrote A Semi-Biographical Novel About Having Sex With A 13 Year Old Girl.

LINK - Frankly Speaking

The Bio's On Davis Claim He Is A Poet And Journalist. True. But He Was Also A Communist Who Spent His Time Writing About Communism While Living In Hawaii. This "Mentor" Put An Image Of America Into Obama As Being A Oppressive Country Which Is The Enemy Of Black People.

The Files At The FBI Were Large On Both Davis AND Dunham. Why Dunham?


"The FBI Destroyed A File On Obama's Grandfather, The Man Who Selected Communist Frank Marshall Davis To Be The Future President's Mentor During His Growing Up Years In Hawaii."

After Looking I Could Not Find Any Connection Between The Grand Parents And The Elites.
But There Are Questions... And Of Course It's About Money...

Everybody Went To Collage. Who Paid For That? Obama's Mom, According To Her Bio, Spent Years In College Getting Degrees. Obama Also Spent Years Supposedly, In Collages. Did Anybody Work? Not That I Can Tell.

I've Seen Memes That Implicate Alaweed. If This Is True, Then It Would Make Some Sense As To Who Influenced Obama To Head In The Direction He Headed, Hiding Evidence Along The Way. I'm Sure I Don't Have To Go Into The Bush / Saudi Friendships To See This Connection.

The Story Goes Al-Walweed Attempted To Have Prince Mohammed bin Salman Assassinated At The Route 91 Concert, But Trump's People Got A Hold Of That Info And Passed It Along To The Prince, Who Went Back And Arrested Those, Including Al-Walweed, Who Tried To Kill Him. That Is How The Story Goes.

However, There Is Another Theory As Well. The Previous Deputy Crown Prince, Mugrin, and His Son Al-Mansour Were The Ones Who Plotted The Assassination Of Prince Mohammed bin Salman At Route 91. The Plan Was To Take Out The Crown Prince, Then Kill King Salman. With The King And The Prince Dead, The Next In Line Would Be Former Deputy Crown Prince Mugrin. Both Of Those People Were Killed Within Days Of Each Other. One Was In A Helicopter Crash, The Other The Cause Of Death Is Not Listed, However Reports Are That When They Tried To Arrest Him, He Fought Back And Was Killed. .

Mohammed bin Salman - Kushner Fund Is Jared Kushner
Is This Why He Was Out Of WH So Quickly?
Is This Why She's Thinking About Divorce?

Oct 1st, 2017 - Concert
Nov 4th 2017- 2 Prince's Die
Nov 4th 2017 - Arrests

AI-Walweed bin Taial

1969 - AGE: 8 Years Old 3rd Grade
This Picture's Date Has Been "Doctored"

The Bio's Make A Point To Let Us Know The Grand Parents Brought Up Obama From The Age Of 10. They "Prove" It By Showing One Picture Of Him In 3rd Grade, But...


Someone Doctored The Picture's Date

1971 - AGE: 10 Years Old 

But There Are Pictures Of Him In Indonesia.
I Believe He Left For Indonesia In 1970, To Study Islam

What I Do Notice Is, The Pictures Are Few And Far In Between Of Each Other.

1979 Age 18

We Have Obama Age 10 - And Obama Playing Basketball In High School At Hawaii
At Age 18. Nothing In Between. Interestingly Enough, I Happen To Collect Sport Cards. I Noticed Something Wrong About These Cards Right Off. They Are Not REAL. They Were Produced By Topps In 2008, For His Presidential Campaign. Collect All 90? There Are No Others. Only Obama's Card. They Won A State Championship In 1979. Yet, Obama's Name Is Missing From The School's HOF. The School Link Is Below.
Obama Announced His Candidacy Feb 10, 2007

Why Would Topps Help Out The Big Lie? I Went And Checked Who Owned Topps In 2008. Michael Eisner Of Disney Fame, Bought The Company In 2007. That Should Help Answer That Question.

I Also Wondered About The School. All Grades, 1-12, In One Private School.
 How Private? Here Is What I Took From Their Website.

A Punahou education is a gift and investment towards your child’s future, and students are admitted to Punahou based on their potential to thrive, not on their family’s ability to pay. Our robust financial aid program allows us to attract and enroll the best and brightest students. Supported by the generosity of our donors, we are able to offer approximately $10 Million in need-based financial aid each year.


Attract And Enroll Through 10 Million Dollars Of Financial Aid Supported By Their "Donors." Based On Their "Potential To Thrive" I'm Sorry, At Grade One You Have An Idea How That Child Will Thrive? I Wonder Who The Donors Could Be.

I Also Noticed This. Go To "Recognition's", Click Onto "Athletic Hall Of Fame" And The Year 1979. They Won A State Title And No Mention Of The President In Their HOF? I Also Looked At Other Years. Nothing.

This Is "Supposed" To Be A Page From A Yearbook.

Same Obama Pic On His Fake Basketball Card.
If He Was Even There. His ONLY Year Spent
At Punahou Would Have Been 1979

And Even More "Proof"

That's It. Some Fake Basketball Cards, A Fake Book, An Alumni Directory
Page, With Obama's Listing. That Is All The "Proof" We Get?

They Went Through A Lot To Hide The Truth About Obama. And That's Just Through To High School. Did He Even Attend? Maybe The Last Year.
 There Are A Lot Of Questions Between Age 10 And Age 18

Not Sure Why This Needs To Be Hidden At All. Unless It's Being Used To Back Up His History. He Went To Law School, Did He Ever Practice In Front Of A Judge?

He Was Born In Kenya, That's It. Why Hide His Future Schooling?
Why? Because As I Am Finding Out. Obama WAS Being Groomed To Help With The New World Order. Eight Years Of Obama And Then Hillary Was Suppose To Take Over. Now It's Biden And They Continue With This Plan They Call "Democracy" And We May Have Only One More Time To Stop Them.  

  Stanley Ann Dunham

Lots Of Dates And Schools To Check. I Tried To Get Some Kind Of Order To The Dates, So You Could Follow Along. I Also Put Ages So You Would Have Some Idea Of Time. The Black Printed Text Came From Bios, Sentences, Copied And Pasted. The Blue Printed Text Is Mine.

"Dunham received education at Nathan Eckstein Junior High School and continued at the Mercer Island High School – Graduated June 1960 Moved To Honolulu, Hawaii" AGE: 18 Years Old

"Stanley Ann Dunham married twice, first to Barack Obama Sr. The two first met while attending a Russian language class, where Obama Sr. was the first African student of the school"

***June 1960 -  (18 Yrs) -  Moved To Hawaii And Attended The University Of Hawaii. Barack Obama Sr. Was A Kenyan Studying In The U.S. She Married Obama On 2/2/61 (19 yrs Old)

*** So After Graduating High School In June 1960, She Moved From Seattle,To Hawaii. Then, Married Obama Sr. In Feb 1961 In Hawaii.  (8 Months After Moving To Hawaii And Being Enrolled.)

***Her Bio Says She Was Three Months Pregnant At The Time Of The Marriage In Feb 1961. Up Until This Time Dunham Had NOT Left The Country. I Believe They Both Went Back To Kenya, Where She Had Obama. Why Would They Go To Kenya While She Was Three Months Pregnant? Maybe This Is Why:

"Obama Sr., who was 23 years at the time, had left his pregnant wife, Kezia and child in Kenya to further his education. Despite being married, Dunham and Obama Sr. married on February 2, 1961, in Hawaiian Island of Maui to the objection of their families.":

***So Both Families Disagreed On The Wedding. By What We Know About Her Mom And Dad  I'm Guessing Mom And Dad Said "Your Not Staying Here" And Decisions Had To Be Made. Ann Couldn't Be Very Happy Knowing Obama Sr. Was Still Married. He Had A Student Visa Already. Perhaps She Got A Visa And Went With Him To Settle Up Things In Kenya?

***Speculation For Now, Of Course, But Ann Dunham Does Study Anthropology. How Difficult Would That Be To Do?

***Six Months After The Wedding In Hawaii, Obama Is Born.. In Kenya. I Believe They Stayed In Kenya Until August 7th, 1961. Evidence That Follows Will Support This. She Received A Divorce From Obama In January Of 1964. Then.. Married Lolo Soetoro On March 5th, 1964.. Two Months After Her Divorce

***So We Have, Two Marriages, One Baby And Three Schools Between June 1961 - March 1964. That's A Total Of  2 Years, 9 Months

You Confused Yet? ...I Was. 

Barry Obama Finally Exposed


Obama Sr. Went On To Another Marriage And Had Several Kids.

***In 1968 She Signed This Visa Doc As Ann Soetoro - Obama Is 6 Years Old And Is Crossed OUT On Her Application. That Tells Me He Stayed Here With His Grandparents And Joined Her In 1970. Hence The One School Picture We Get Of Him In Elementary School.

1964 - She Is 22 Years Old And Gets Married In Hawaii To Soetoro. Obama Is 3

1965 - Visa App - She Is 23 Years Old And Married To Soetoro - Obama Is 4 Years Old
1968 - Visa Signed - She Is 26 Years Old - Obama Is 6 - Obama Crossed Off

(Dunham started her professional career as an English teacher from 1968 to 1969 and served as an assistant director of the Indonesia-America Friendship Institute in theGondangdia administrative village of the Mentengsub district in Central Jakarta.)

1969 - Teacher In Jakarta, Indonesia


1970 Visa  Renewed - - She Is 28 Years Old - Obama Is 9 - Maya Is Also Born In Indonesia.
 Here Is The Family In Indonisa. Maya Is A Few Months Old. Obama Seems To Be There In 1970

Who Is Lolo Soetoro?

He Is The Bush, Al-Weed Connection To Obama
This Explains The Money To Private Schools, Tuition's, & Degrees.

It's Always Follow The Money It Seems.

      ***This Is When I Believe Obama Went With His Mother To Study Islam In Indonesia.

           I Also Believe He Did Not Return Until She Filed For Divorce From Lolo, In 1980.

 later taught English and also served as the department head and director of the Institute of Management Education and Development in Mentengsubdistrictfrom 1970 to 1972.

AGAIN, Still Hard To Follow....

I Had To Put A Timeline Together To Try To Make Sense Of It All
Because Both Kids Were Born In August, I Started There

August 1960 - Ann Is 18 - Turns 19 In Nov 1960
February 1961 - Ann Is 19 - Marries Obama Sr.
August 1961 - Ann Is 19 - Gives Birth To Obama August 4, 1961

September 1961 - Ann Is 19 - Obama Infant - Goes To U Of Wash Till 1962
August 1962 - Ann Is 20 - Obama Is 1
August 1963 - Ann Is 21 - Obama Is 2

January 1963 - Ann Is 22 - Obama Is 2 - Goes To U Of Hawaii

January 1964 - She Is 22 - Obama Is 2 - Divorced From Obama On This Date
March  1964 - She Is 22 - Obama Is 2 - Married To Lolo Soetoro

August 1964 - She Is 22 - Obama Is 3
August 1965 - She Is 23 - Obama Is 4 - Visa Obama Crossed Off
August 1966 - She Is 24 - Obama Is 5
August 1967 - She Is 25 - Obama Is 6 - Grad BA Anthopology Hawaii

August 1968 - She Is 26 - Obama Is 7 - Eng Teach In Jakatra, Indonesia
August 1969 - She Is 27 - Obama Is 8 - Eng Teach In Jakatra, Indonesia

***I Believe This Is When Obama Left The US, And Learned His Islam Faith In Indonesia, While His Mother Taught English There.

August 1970 - She Is 28 - Obama Is 9 - Maya Born In Indonesia Aug 15, 1970
August 1971 - She Is 29 - Obama Is 10 - Maya Is 1

Barry 1971

August 1972 - She Is 30 - Obama Is 11 - Maya Is 2

August 1973 - She Is 30 - Obama Is 11 - Maya Is 3
August 1974 - She Is 31 - Obama Is 12 - Maya Is 4  (Grad)* Hawaii

***She did her graduate studies at the University of Hawaii, receiving an M.A. in anthropology in December 1974. According To Her Bio Ann Doesn't Go Back To Indonesia Until 1981. So, From 1974 - 1981 No Records. We Are Suppose To Believe Obama Was Going To School In Hawaii For Those Seven Years. He Looks About 11 Or 12 Here In The Pics. Those Seven Years Were Probably Spent In Indonesia. Why Lie?  I Suspect Obama's Islam Training Probably Had Something To Do With Hiding That Knowledge. Especially After 911. Nothing About Him Was Hidden Until After He Announced His Candidacy In 2007.  

August 1975 - She Is 32 - Obama Is 13 - Maya Is 5

August - 1976 - Ann Is 33 - Obama Is 14 - Maya Is 6
August - 1977 - Ann Is 34 - Obama Is 15 - Maya Is 7

August - 1978 - Ann Is 35 - Obama Is 16 - Maya Is 8

August - 1979 - Ann Is 35 - Obama Is 17 - Maya Is 9

"We Are No Longer A Christian Nation"

August - 1980 - Ann Is 36 - Obama Is 18 - Maya Is 10 - Obama Grads

*** But Did Obama Really EVER Go To This School In Hawaii? I Believe If He Did, He Only Did ONE Year.  Ann Files For Divorce From Lolo Soetoro And That's Granted In Nov. 1980. 

Here Is What Maya's Bio Said:

"Maya Is 11 And Was Home Schooled By Her Mother Until 1984." That Make Maya 14 Years Old In 1984.

1981 - 1984 - Ann worked in the Southeast regional office of the Ford Foundation in Jakarta

Nov.     - 1980 - Ann Is 37 - Obama Is 18 - Maya Is 11 - Divorced From Lolo
August - 1981 - Ann Is 37 - Obama Is 19 - Maya Is 11

1984 - Maya's Bio States She Also Attended The Same Private School As Obama And Graduated In 1988. I'm Guessing 4 Years There. Who Paid For It? I'm Betting We Can Guess By Now. Obama And His Sister Were Close, So She Had To Be Included In The Lies. A Search For Any Pictures Of Her As A Young Child Or Even Before Her Time Spent At The Private School, Are Very Sparse. 

November 24, 1982 - Obama Sr. Dies. - Obama Runs In 2007. There Will Be No Answers From His Dad.

"Ordinary Men And Woman Are To Small Minded To Goven Themselves

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