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So It Seems The Elites Were All Set With Ukraine. Bio Labs, Money Laundering And Training Nazi's How To Fight To Invade Russia. Two Things Stopped Them. Trump & Putin.

Please Check Out The Ukraine Links To See What Is Really Happening.

Before Trump Was Even Thought Of, McCain And Graham Were
Telling The Ukraine Nazi's The US Would Stand By Them In Any
War With Russia.... Then Trump Won And Slowed Them Down.

Two Weeks AFTER President Trump Won, Biden Placed
A Call To Ukraine To Tell Them:

"I Don't Want Trump To Get In A Position Where He Thinks He's About To
Buy Onto A Policy Where The Financial System Is Going To Collapse And
He's Going To Look To Pour More Money Into Ukraine"

Biden Wanted Trump To Stay Out Of Ukraine And With The Fake
Impeachments And Russia Scam, Trump Was To Busy To Even Notice

"Well, I'm Not Sure You Should Assume I'm Not Corrupt"

Isn't That The Truth. Russia, China, And Ukraine. All With The Help Of "The Smartest Person I Know".. Hunter Biden.

04/27/22 - Joe Biden, 5.2 Million In Unexplained Income - LINK

 From $396 Thousand To $16 Million In Just Three Years?
Did Biden Have A 40 Hr Week Job While Waiting For The Rigged Election To Happen?
Perhaps Those IRS Agents Joe Is Sending After Us Need To Start Here

 Joe Biden's Income Has Increased By The Millions. Biden Jumped 6.5 Million In
 Two Years While President. And Not Just His Income, But His
Family Members As

 Brother Jim Almost Lost His House Investing With Hunter, Just A Few Short Years
 Ago. He Is Listed As A n American Healthcare Specialist.
Really? He Has Had
 More Jobs Than My Kids. I'm Guessing His Sister's Husband Helped With That
 Title. However, As A Healthcare Specialist,
His Source Of Income Listed Isn't
 Healthcare At All. It's Politics And "Social Activities" Believe It Or Not, He Is
 NOW Worth 7 Million Dollars.

 Hunter's Sister Ashley Married Dr. Howard Krien, Joe's New Son-In-Law Helped
 Start A Company Called StarUp Health. ( Probably Where Brother Jim Got His
 Title Heathcare Specialist. ) How Did Start Up Health
Gain Access To The Highest
 Levels Of Power In Washington? Same Way Hunter Gets Access. The Chief
 Medical Officer Of StartUp Health, Is Biden's Son In Law,
Dr. Howard Krien. 
 Joe's Sister Valerie Ran All His Senate Campaigns As Well As Presidential Runs In
 1988 & 2008. She Is A Senior Partner In A Political Messaging
Firm Named Joe
 Slade White & Company. The Only Two Executives Listed Were Joe Slade White
 & Valerie. The Firm Received Large Fees
From The Biden Campaigns That Valerie
 Was Running. Two And A Half Million Dollars In "Consulting Fees" Flowed To Her
 Firm From Citizen's
For Biden And Biden For President Inc, During The 2008
 Presidential Bid Alone. Joe Slade White And Company Worked For Joe Over 18

As Brother Frank Biden's Shirt Reminds Us.. "The Biden Team"

 So Now We Come To Ukraine, Where The Biden Team Ensured No Arrests Would Take Place
 Over Hunter's Business Deals With Burisma. He Threatened To Withhold Funds Unless The
 Prosecutor Looking Into His Son's Business Dealings Was Fired. So That's Not Treason?
All Know It. Everyone Of Them. But Lets Be Honest. You Don't Throw Stones At A
Glass House
If You Live In One As Well.   

 Interesting How Russia And China Deals Are Never Mentioned. Just Ukraine. Just As
 Interesting Is The Fact That, Devon Archer Was Tried And Jailed... But Not His 
Partner Hunter. And... That Tony Bobulinski Reported Joe Biden Was
"The Big Guy" To The
FBI. They, The FBI, Saved Us All By Covering This Story
Up So Elections Could Play Out Like
They ALL Wanted. Election Interference? YES.

 But It's Deeper Than Just This. Social Media, FBI, CIA, And The Obama Admin, All Had
A Hand
In The Dis-Information We Were Fed. Or The Covered Up Of The Truth They
Withheld To "Win"
This Election. Oh, And I Haven't Even Mentioned The
 "Russia Collusion" Fraud.

Tony Bobulinski Interview With Tucker Explaining That Joe Biden WAS Directly Involved In Hunter's Business Dealings.

04/08/22 - 12 Times Joe Biden Played A Role In Hunter's Business Deals - LINK
04/05/22 - Who's The Big Guy? Asks Grand Jury - LINK

04/08/22 - 12 Times Joe Biden Played A Role In Hunter's Business Deals - LINK


Don't Miss The Sentence: "Many Western Leaders Wanted His Dismissal"
Don't Forget It's Ukraine. Everyone Has A Stake.

Including John Kerry

Why Would Kerry Care? His Son In Law Is Invested.
Biden, Rosemont Seneca, CHINA, Hei

Biden Now Bragging About His Ukraine Deal For All To Hear.


 Biden Traveling To Ukraine To Explain US Policy Towards Ukraine?
Joe Biden IS Involved. And They Should Be Paranoid. This Represents
Compromise In The Highest Office Of The Land.

"Going To Have To Do Some Serious Back Peddling"

"humiliating Threats Faced By Ukraine And US Ready To Assist"

Ukraine Officials Showing Proof Of Biden Crimes

Trump Asks About China, Ukraine & Russia


No One Wants To Talk About China Or Russia? But This Is What Devon Archer
 Is In Jail For... Not Hunter?
And Now We Get A Lousy Tax Case Against Hunter And
NO Examination Of Joe's Involvement?

Voice Mail From Joe Left For Hunter Pertaining To China Deal
"I Think You're Clear"

06/14/22 - Hunter - "If It's Important To Me He Will Make It Part Of His Platform" AUDIO

06/15/22 - Hunter Says He Can Manipulate His Dad For Financial Gain

04/27/22 - Hunter's Business Partner Made 27 Trips To White House

No Evidence Right?

Biden Crime Family - Part 1

Biden Crime Family - Part 2

04/05/22 - Who's The Big Guy? Asks Grand Jury - LINK

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