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Right To Try - Cancer Causes - Cancer Cures - Spike Proteins - Wellness Devices

I Hope This Helps Anyone Looking For Cures / Please Share With Others

We Needed A "Right To Try Law" Passed To Try Different Alternative Medicines For Life Threatening Illness. Why Would We Need That Passed? I Believe It Was Kept From Happening To Ensure Cures Were Not "Discovered".
President Trump Changed That. Now We Are Finding That Even Pet Medicines Work On Human Illnesses.
They Scared Us Away With Their Lies On The "Dangers" Of Alliterative Medicines. Going So Far As To Enact Laws Against Using Some Of Them All To
"Protect" Us.

"Rockefeller's Had A Lot To Do With That. When We Think Big Phama And Speak Of How Big Phama Does This And Takes Away That, It Sheds Blame On No One. Big Phama Is Just A Name They Gave It To Keep Us From Knowing It's Real Name. Lets Use The Correct Name And Stop Using Their "Big Phama" Phrase. It's Only One Word And Very Recognizable By All."


I'm Sure We All Realize By Now Nothing They Do Is "Cut And Dry". Trump Signed
The Right To Try Law, The Rockefeller's Did Their Best To Get Around It. How? Using The FDA And Of Course The Rockefeller's Themselves, Who Remind Us That They DO NOT Have To Give
Up The Drugs That Work. That Is What They Are
Still Doing. That Is Why It Is Important To Start
Looking Elsewhere For Cures.
Places They Have Yet To Gain Control Of.

Fact Is, They Own The Patients For The Cures.  Rockefeller Did Well In The Oil Business But When They Made Him Break Up Standard Oil, He Looked At Other Possibilities To Make Money. Drug Manufacturing and Treatment Centers Were The Answer. Of Course There Are More Involved, But He Is The Main Reason Cures Do Not Happen. TREATMENTS ONLY. You Would Think Keeping The Cure From Us Would Be The Worst Thing Rockefeller Could Do To Us, Right? But That Isn't Enough
For Rockefeller And His American Cancer Society. The Worse Thing He Does Is...

Getting Us All To Donate Through Guilt. To Give Them Money or Your Donated Time, All In The Memory Of A Loved One, Who Died Of Cancer. Or Even For A "Survivor". Keeps The Cure And Treats You Instead. People Fall For This Because We Were Programed To Think They Had They Only Cures. 

So, Where Does All That Money Go? They Tell You They Have Places You Can Stay At While A Family Member Is Being Treated. Truth Be Told, They Have A Few Homes In Different States. Those Homes Have A House Person To Oversee It. You Get A Room and Bed And You Supply Your Food, Clean Up After Yourself, As Others Use The Kitchen As Well. Need A Ride? People Volunteer To Do That Also If The Homes Are Full, They Have Hotels That "Donate" Free Rooms to the ACS. Everybody Gets A Write-Off.

I Am Not Making This Up, I Researched It On Their Own Website!

"People, when they give their money to the cancer society, they are thinking, 'cure cancer,'
help people that are struggling as a cancer victim," said Borochoff of channel 2 news.

"Our channel 2 investigation found donors on the hook for the charity's ballooning Employee Pension Plans. At last count (2011) that obligation was more than $600 MILLION Dollars! That is Four Times What The ACS Spent On Cancer Research Last Year."

Yes, It Is From 2011 But Do You Think Those Pensions Went Down Since Then? The American Cancer Society IS And Always Has Been...Rockefeller. They Have ALWAYS Had The Cures. 100 Years Of The American Cancer Society And No Cures At All? In Fact, Patients Of Cancer Get Little Or No Financial Help At All From ACS. They Just Look For "Cures" And Run Non-Profit Races, For Their Pensions. 100 Years? ......Your Never Getting A Cure From Them.

Here Is A PDF From The ACS Showing How Much Breast, Lung, And Other Cancers Cost The Patients. Notice They Show No Money From Them, Directly To Patients. 

Cost Of Cancer

I Have A Couple Of Rockefeller Links To Share Below, But Of Course Two Make No Mention Of The American Cancer Society.They Do However Mention The Rockefeller Funded University Of Chicago And The Rockefeller Institute For Medical Research. Most Medical Research Was Done In Universities And Funded By Rockefeller Years Ago. He Kept Control That Way. Since, He Has Taken Away Those Grants From Most Campuses But Still Funds His Namesake.




Rockefeller - Here Is The Truth - Link

Rockefeller - History Channel - Link

Here Is What The ACS Says It's Early Roots Came From - Link

Trump VS Rockefeller's Big Phama



The "Right To Try Law" Passed By Trump For Dying Patients - LINK

Trump's "Right To Try" Sounded Good But They Put "Rules" On It And They Still Controlled The Drugs. Since Trump Signed It, Only Two People Have Filed To Use It. Both Were Stonewalled. The Goldwater Institute Also Initiated This Program. However, They Also Had Steps To Go Through.

Of Course The FDA Also Has Some Rules For You To Follow And To Remember. The Line They Like You To Remember Has To Be: The Right To Try Act Does Not Require A Manufacturer Or Sponsor To Provide The Drugs Or Biologics. The FDA Cannot Help You Either, If They Just Refuse To Help You By Providing What You Need.

 Profits. That's It. They Had A Cure Several Times. Over And Over. A Lot Of The Cures Are Very
 Inexpensive. That Doesn't Work For Them. They Just Keep Letting Us Die Off For The Profits

In 1996 A Cure Was Found... Then "Lost" By Cedars Sinai Medical Center. This Is A Non- Profit
Organization. Why? Inventor Was Awarded 10 Million  Dollars In A Lawsuit.
This Cure Was A Vaccine.

A Dr. In Canada Also Found An Inexpensive Cure. But Funding To Get It Approved?
I Don't Think That Happened. No Idea How Old This Video Is.

Meet Raymond Rife. Cured Cancer With Frequencies. Rockerfeller Destroyed Him.

In 1986 A Cure Was Once Again Found And Suppressed.

1948 Cancer Cure Again

I Don't Do Foreign Languages
But This Video Shows A Tumor Being Dissolved In Real Time.

Cancer - The Forbidden Cures -

So Why Are These Medical Marvels Not Allowed To Cure Us?

U.S. Govt. Allows The U.S. Defense Agencies To Control Patents -LINK


I'm Not Trying To Discourage Anyone. These Are Just The Facts. However, There Are Several Cures You May Not Have Heard About. These Cures May Be Unorthodox, But Also May Work. I Invite You To Take A Look. What Have We Got To Lose?


Just A Small Disclaimer: I Am Not A Dr. I Am Giving You Information I Have Researched So That You Can Be Better Informed Of The "Other" Cancer Treatments Available. Please Do Your Own Research As Well.  Thanks...

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