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Right To Try - Cancer Causes - Cancer Cures - Spike Proteins - Wellness Devices

 I Use Light Therapy Everyday. I Have Listed Some Different Devices,
Including Rife Machines, To Show The Options That 
Are Available. 

Rife Machines

Spooky 2 Offers A Facebook Group That Helps Each Other And Answer Questions.
I Have Not Bought A Spooky Machine But I Do Follow The FB Group From Time To
Time.  I'd Suggest Doing That Before Making a Decision To Purchase. 

Spooky Facebook Group

Riife's Frequency List For Diseases - PDF -24 Pages

This Is A Spooky 2. Works With Frequencies Like Rife's Invention - LINK

Spooky 2 Also Has Accessories You Can Purchase
These Units Are Expensive Please Do Your Research

Spooky U-Tube Videos - LINK

U-Tube - Quantum Detox - LINK

Frequency Heals, Improve Mind Body Connection-  - Link

Frequency Specific Microcurrent - U-Tube LINK

What If The Sun Isn't Dangerous?

Animals Know

Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies - PDF - 306 Pages

The One Minute Cure - PDF - 113 Pages

 Light Therapy Is Becoming Popular And I Bought One To See If I Could Feel A Difference.
 Seems To Do What It Suppose To. I Have More Energy. Less Wrinkles, And It Reduces
 Inflammation And Pain. I Still Work Everyday And Have Found A Difference In My Aches And Pains Of Daily Work Movements. 

 When You Go Looking You'll Discover There Are Many To Chose From. Each With A Specific
 Purpose For Specific Part Of Your Body. Your Face, Knee, Waist, Feet, Or Your Total Body.
 Prices Vary As Well As The Wattage Of Light, The Number Of LED's And Both Red And Infrared
 Red Lights,

"I Did Red Light Therapy For A Year, Here's What Happened"


 Using Photosensitizer And Activated Iridum Compound "Switches On" The Deadly OXYGEN
 Molecules Inside The Nuciei Of The Cancer Cells, Thereby Destroying them From Within.

Blue Light Therapy

What photosensitizer drugs are available?

FDA-approved photosensitizers include porfimer sodium (Photofrin), 5-aminolevulinic acid or ALA (Levulan), and methyl aminolevulinate [MAOP] (Metvix). More drugs may become available in the near future. Photofrin is used intravenously for internal cancers while Levulan and Metvix are applied topically for skin therapy -  .LINK 

What Is Photo-dynamic Therapy? - LINK 

Hydrogen Peroxide Also Cures Cancer By Adding OXYGEN

Interesting How That Oxygen Word Comes Up In The Light Therapy As Well.

Suggested Uses For Ozone Drops

  Ozone Drops Dramatically Increase The Amount Of Available Oxygen Tissues And
Cells While Also Increasing The PH Creating An Alkaline State. Ozone Drops Containing Diatomic Oxygen Diffused In Water And Sea Salt.


  This Is Actually In Clinical Trials Right Now. I'm Hoping The Findings Are Not Only Great
 News, But Allowed To Be Used And Not Hidden From Us Once Again.

Suramin & Autism

Buying Products Such As Therapy Lights, Make You Wonder If They Are Working
 On The
Inside Of Our Bodies. I Just Received This Quantum Magnetic Resonance
 Body Analyzer Yesterday And Look Forward To Seeing If I Am Getting Hidden
 Results I'm Not Aware Of. This Device Comes With A Cd Program That Holds Several People's Readings So Comparisons Can Be Made Or Improvements Noticed. 


Just A Small Disclaimer: I Am Not A Dr. I Am Giving You Information I Have Researched So That You Can Be Better Informed Of The "Other" Cancer Treatments Available. Please Do Your Own Research As Well.  Thanks...



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