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I Was Asked In Truth Social If I Had Anything On Radiation Sickness. With So Many Topics To Cover Nowadays, I Almost Passed Looking At EMF's. Glad I Didn't.  Electromagnetic Radiation Is Present All Around Us. With The Use Of Cell Towers It Is Increasing In Larger Amounts.

What Is EMF Radiation?
Information From Adam Short's Website - LINK

Electromagnetic Radiation Consists Of Two Different Types Of Radiation.

Electric Field Radiation
Magnetic Field Radiation

"Electric And Magnetic Field Radiation Exist Together Whenever There Is Moving Energy Charge. Power lines, For Example, Produce Both An Electric And Magnetic Fields As Electricity Pulses Through The Wire. The Two Fields Move Perpendicular To Each Other, And Because They So Often Found Together, They Are Usually Referred To As Electromagnetic Radiation. These Fields Make Up What's Called The Electromagnetic Spectrum." 

Difference Between Electric And Magnetic Fields In English

Types Of Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic Radiation Can Be Broken Down Into Two Main Categories:

Ionizing Radiation
Non-Ionizing Radiation

Let's Take A Look At The Difference Between The Two,
As Well As Some Common Sub-Types

"Simply Put, Ionizing Radiation Has Enough Energy To Split An Atom While Non Ionizing Radiation Does Not. Ionizing Radiation Is Considered Harmful Because It Has The Potential To Cause Cellular Damage

The Effects Of Radiation On Our Health

Dangers Of EMF In Buildings We Work Or Visit

CDC - Contamination & Exposure To Radiation

 Cute Little Video From The CDC
Basically Telling Us Take A Shower You'll Be Fine


This Doctor, However, Takes It More Seriously


Declassified FDA - Info About Radiation Sickness

Pentagon Developing Radiation Sickness Antidote

Types Of Anti Radiation Pills
Information From Adam Short's Website - LINK

There Are Four Primary Anti- Radiation Pills Recognized By The CDC.

"Potassium Iodide (KI). KI is derived from stable iodine. Taking KI after exposure to high amounts of radioactive iodine can help shield the thyroid gland from damage due to radiation. The thyroid gland works by absorbing iodine. When a person is exposed to radioactive iodine, that is taken in by the thyroid, leading to permanent and often irreversible damage. KI pills contain high amounts of stable iodine that is quickly absorbed by the thyroid gland. Thus, the gland becomes full of stable iodine and doesn’t absorb as much radioactive iodine. KI is generally taken in response to a public health emergency such as a nuclear meltdown, and only at the request of public officials."

"Prussian Blue. Prussian Blue is a medication used to treat cesium and thallium radiation poisoning. Cesium can be found in the ground after nuclear meltdowns, while thallium is an older style rodent killer that has been banned in the United States. Both are radioactive. When taken after exposure, Prussian Blue keeps the radioactive material trapped in the intestines, where the body can eventually flush it out. This medication is available by prescription only."

"Diethylenetriamine pentaacetate (DTPA). DTPA is given after exposure to radioactive plutonium, americium, and curium. DPTA binds to these elements and helps clear them from the body faster, lowering an individual’s overall level of exposure. DTPA is generally given by doctors and public health authorities after some kind of public health emergency. It can be injected or taken orally, and the number of treatments necessary depends on the length and severity of your exposure."

"Neupogen. Also known as filgrastim, Neupogen was approved by the FDA in 2015 to treat patients who had been exposed to high levels of radiation. The drug is thought to protect bone marrow from radiation damage, and it is sometimes given to cancer patients to protect against infection. Neupogen is given in injection form by a doctor, in response to a public health emergency dealing with radiation."

"The FDA Has Approved Two Different Forms Of KI (Potassium Iodide) Tablets And Liquid That People Can Take By Mouth After A Radiation Emergency Involving Radioactive Iodine. Tablets Come In Two Strengths, 130 Milligram (mg) And 65 mg."

Potential Health Risks

"The Anti-Radiation Pills Above Can Be Helpful In Response To A Public Health Emergency, But  They Do Come With Risks. Those Range From Milder (Neupogen, For Example, Can Cause Bone Pain And Diarrhea) To Severe (KI Can Cause Permanent Damage To The Thyroid Gland, The Very Thing It's Taken To Prevent) The Decision To Take An Anti-Radiation Pill Should Not Be Taken Lightly."

How We Can Treat Radiation Poisoning

Iodide Pills - Everything You Need To Know

1996 - Hazards In Mining  - PDF - 36 Pages

1994 - Acute Radiation Sickness - PDF - 39 Pages

1993 - Identification Of Space Radiation Hazard - PDF - 8 Pages

1992 - Effects Of Microwave Radiation On Humans - PDF - 28 Pages

1966 - Changes In The Peripheral Division Of The Auditory
Analyzer In Acute Radiation Sickness - PDF - 11 Pages

1962 - Study Of Radiation Sickness - PDF 13 Pages

1916 - 1959 - Biological Effects Of Non Ionizing Radiation
On Humans And Higher Animals - PDF - 26 Pages

New Treatment For Radiation Exposure

U.S. Developing Radiation Sickness Drug

Top EMF Protection For 2022 - LINK

Best Potassium Iodide Tablets

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