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Stopping Google From Tracking You

For Those Wanting To Turn Off Google On Their Phones, Tablets Or Computers, So Your Not Tracked Everywhere You Go … There Are Alternatives.

Samsung Has An App For Only Galaxy Phones. The Galaxy Store.

I Am Using Aptoide. On My Phone And Tablet, To Download Apps Instead Of Google Play.  Aptoide is an free open-source Android app store with over 700,000 apps to choose from its collection that has over 3 billion downloads. It has been used by more than 150 million users worldwide since its launch in 2009.
I Opened Up Google Chrome On My Phone, Downloaded Aptoide From The Browser.

Now I Can Shelve Google Play And Google Chrome And Turn Them Off In My Settings.

Using Aptoide, I Downloaded Dissenter To Use As A Browser On My Phone. There Are Many Free Browsers, Besides Chrome, That Won't Track Everywhere You Go.

Next I Needed Something Else Besides Google MapsMaps.Me Works Pretty Well. Of Course There Are Others. If You Do Use Maps, I Would Suggest You Play With It First Before You Actually Use It So You Know.. How To Use It. Don't Forget To Turn Off Your Location When NOT using It.

Next Gmail. Needs To Go. Open Your New Browser And Look For A New Browser E-Mail. There Are Many To Choose From. Outlook, Which Was Once Hotmail, ProtonMail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Of Course You Could Also Check Aptoide For Apps. Remember To Use The Word FREE. I Use The Browser For Checking Mail Instead Of Downloading The Apps, But That's Me.

U-Tube Is Also Google. If You Use The App They May Want You To Sign In With Your Google Account.

But.. You Can Always Open U-Tube In Your Browser And Use It That Way.

Now Your Ready To Go To Settings And Turn Off Your Google. This Will Also Disable That Covid Tracking App They Put On Your Phones. I Would Check Your Other Apps As Well.

If You Have A Wellness App, I'd Check That As Well.


If You Need Google, Because The Schools Use It And Your Child's Information From The School Comes From It I Would Suggest Doing What I Did. Buy A Tablet For $100.00 And Use It ONLY For That. Mine Stay Off Most Of The Time Until I Need It. My Computer and Phone Are Google Free.

  Most Schools Use Google For E-mail, Grades, and    

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