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 This Once Again Is About Ukraine. Money Laundering And Fraud.

The FTX Scam


Sell The Building And Pay Of The Debtor's 

Zelensky's Favorite Crypto

Crypto, FTX - Ukraine Money Laundering

From JustHuman

Mitch McConnol's Senate Leadership Fund Got In 2.5 Million Dollars From FTX
They Are Checking What OUR Money Bought To Fight This "War"
I'm Betting All Those Who All Of A Sudden Went To Ukraine
Pelosi, Graham, To Name A Few, Also Have Money From FTX

Not To Be Out Done, Kevin McCarthy's Leadership Fund Received Two Million.
Everybody Makes Re-Washed Money

The Campaign Contributions Count Has Been Dismissed

The Corrupt Democratic Spending Of FTX

They Were Found Out, Now They Declare Bankruptcy

01/04/23 - The Fix Is In. Judge Is Soros Backed And Case Is In NY

01/3/23 - Who Received Money?-  LINK

11/15/22 - FTX Donations To Dems Are Violation Of EO 13848 - LINK

11/16/22 - FTX's Spectacular Collapse Into Bankruptcy - LINK

11/16/22 - FTX Funneled 27 Million To These Democrats - LINK 

11/16/22 - FTX Declares Bankruptcy And Exit Of Democratic Mega Donor CEO - LINK

11/18/22 - FTX Founder Took One Billion Dollar Loan Before Declaring Bankruptcy - LINK

1/19/22 - FTX Donated $300K To House Members Who Are Investigating Him - LINK

11/19/22/ - FTX Former Girlfriend The Investment Arm Of FTX - LINK

11/19/22 - McCarthy Used FTX Funds To Take Out Madison Cawthorn - LINK

11/21/22 - Josh Harley Why Was FTX Scheme Revealed After The Mid Terms - LINK 

11/21/22 - FTX Funded 18 Million Towards Research Towards Claim That
Ivermectin & Hydro Didn't Work Against Covid - LINK

11/22/22 - FTX Gave Over One Million To LGBTQ Victory Fund That
Boosted Transgender Lawmaker Into Office. - LINK

11/22/22 - FTX Bankruptcy Court - Judge Rules To Keep Top 50 Creditors Names Redacted - LINK

Alameda Research, A FTX Spin Off, Withdrew $204 Million Before Bankruptcy Filing - LINK

11/22/22 - Joe Bankman, Sam Bankman's Dad Is The Mastermind Behind FTX - LINK

12/11/22 - Maxine Waters Won't Subpoena Sam Bankman -

FTX Disasters - 7 Unbelievable Bankruptcy Discoveries

Nov 20th, 2022 - Tickets Only $2,500.00 Each

Who Lost Money Beside The Stars?

Maxine Waters Is In Charge Of "Investigation"

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