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Inside: Don't Be Evil

I Am Going To Post Each File Contents However, A Couple Of Files Were Just Scripts Meaning, There Is Nothing To Post.

 I Downloaded So Many Files, When I Go Looking For Things I End Up Finding
 Something Else. This Is One Of Those Times. I Have A Google File. The Name Of
 The File Is: "DON'T BE EVIL". I Have Not Renamed Anything In These Files.
 They Were Named When I Downloaded Them.

 Election Tampering - Hiring Practices - Leadership Training
Partisanship - Psychological Research

 All Files Are Having To Do With DEI. Diversity - Equality - Inclusion - Per Usual
 Using Words People Can Agree With, But Using It To Push Narratives. This Was Put
 Into Operation In 2017. It Been 5 Years Since It Was Put Into Place. Look Where
 We Are Now. Google Also Interferes With Our Elections And Persuades And Censors
 Our Views.

 Where Did DEI All Of A Sudden Come From? Well, It Was Years In The Making. First
 Lets Understand Who Google Really Is...

Google / CIA

Google / CIA

 The CIA, Or Google Team, Will Train Their People To Push This Agenda, While
 Getting Companies To Join Their "Idea". This So Far Hasn't Work As Well As They
 Had Hoped. Remember... Your Children All Use Google In School For EVERYTHING
 They Do. Even Parents Have To Use It Just To Get Grades Or To Look For Progress
 In Their Child's School Day. Do You Know The Schools Use CNN To Prove Their
 News Points?  It's Being "Injected" Into All Students.


There Were Three PDF's In The Election Tampering File - Complete
There Was Always Speculation As To What Trump Meant By Covfefe
I Wonder If This May Have Been It?

Add Covfefe "Easter Egg" - PDF - 4 Pages

  Aren Cov fe fe - "I Will Stand Up" - PDF - 2 Pages

Covfefe Translate Easter Egg - Google Docs

Next Folder:
Hiring Practices - Complete

The Folder In The Middle Is The Only One Accessible.. The Other Two Were
 Scripts For The Slide Show. That Being The Middle File, Which Had Only Screen Shots But I'll Post Them All. Here Are All The PDF's, Except One.

  2018 - Manifesto Driving Transformation - 4 Pages

Cloud Tech 2017 Diversity Info Google Slides (Pics Of The Slides Not Inc**)

Coffee Beans - 3 Pages

Diversity & Inclusion Solving A Hard Problem - 11 Pages

Facilitators For Inclusive PERF - 2 Pages
Gender - Overall Diversity Data - 2 Pages

Geo Diversity & Inclusion 2017 OKR'S And Updates

Geo Diversity Inclusions OKR'S - 6 Pages

Inclusive PERF Other PA Coms - 8 Pages

Offer Review - Ann Arbor Preso - 12 Pages

Offerings For GMS Women - 4 Pages

Share, Coffee Beans Example Outside Of Google - 9 Pages

TGIF - Diversity At Google - 11 Pages

TI- Cloud D & I Basic Presentation - 18 Pages

Go Diversity - HTML

Middle Folder
Cloud Tech 2017 Slides

All Screen Shots In Sequence





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