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Rumble Was Down Yesterday, Keeping Me From Uploading Videos.
Please Take A Look At The Jan 6 Page With Tuckers Videos.
I'll Get The Page Updated Next Week.

Did You Know They Had A Permit For Jan 6th?
Did You Know The President Offered To Send 10,000 National Guard Troops?
Did You Know "Protesters" Stopped "Actors" From Breaking Capitol Windows?
Did You Know Ray Epps And Nancy Pelosi Were In Contact With Each Other?

Did You Know There Were Only 154 Capitol Police On Duty That Day?
Did You Know That 40 Of Them Were At Joint Base Andrews?
Did You Know That The Remaining 114 Officers Were In 37 Different Locations?
Did You Know Most People Entered The Capitol, Just To Look And Take Pictures?
Did You Know There Was A Group Inside The Capitol That Were Given Floor
Plans Of The Capitol And "Weapons" From A Woman Trough A Broken Window?

Did You Know People DID NOT Go Into An Open Door At The Capitol,
Until One Person Had Talked To A DC Police Officer, Who Identified Himself
As A Supervisor, And Allowed Them To Enter? 

Did You Know The Jan 6th Committee Had ABC Edit The Footage Shown To
The People On Prime Time And Even Added Sound?

Did You Know Nancy Pelosi's Daughter Was There To Video Tape It All?

Did You Know Nancy Pelosi's Daughter Said There Was No Insurrection? 

All Videos Below, Including Tucker Carlson's, Show What I Have Stated Above.

Thank-You In Advance For Keeping An Open Mind.

Did You Know Not One Protester, Supported Any Person...
ANY Person, Who Vandalized The Capitol?  Ask One.

However, Those Who Thought They Were Being Allowed In,
Should Their Families, As Well As Themselves, Be Treated This Way?

These Are Not Republicans... These Are AMERICANS.  
 If Your A Democrat .... You Are Also An AMERICAN.
No Matter What Our Political Differences ... We Are All AMERICANS.
When Have We Ever Treated AMERICANS This Way?

Alison Explains Why The Election Was Certified... Legally

Gateway Pundant's Article - PDF - 3 Pages

If The Capitol Was Breached During The Certification Process, They Could Declare An Emergency. The Following Videos And Pictures Below May Show
How That Was ALLOWED To Happen.

Did You Know Ray Epps Said:  "We Need To Go INTO The Capitol"
Jan 5th, 2020

Did You Know Ray Epps Testimony Reveals He Orchestrated It?

 "I Was In The Front With A Few Others... I Also Orchestrated It

Did You Notice How Small The Crowd Was?

Did You Notice How Far Away The Crowd Was From The Capitol?


Did You Know The National Guard Was Finally Called At 3:19 P.M?
Did You Know The Capitol Was Already Secured At 5PM When They Arrived?

Did You Know The Barriers Were Moved To Allow People Access To The Capitol?
 Did You Know There Was A Guy On The Scaffolding With A Bullhorn,
Telling People To Go Into The Capitol?
Did You Know People Were Waved Into The Capitol?

Did You Know That Some
"Actors" Dressed To Look Like "Protesters"?

  Did You Know Someone Inside The Capitol, Unlocked And Opened The Doors?

Did You Know An "Actor" Broke The Capitol Windows
As A "Protester" Intervened And Then Gets Threatened?

Have You Realized Yet, When The Crowd Finally Got There
People Were Already In The Capitol And The People Were Waved In?

2:20 P.M.
Did You Notice There Was No Large Crowd In The Background?

Did You Notice All The Orange Hats Wearing Masks?

Did You Know That People Did NOT Go Into An Open Door.
Until The DC Police Gave The Ok To Enter?

  Did You Know More "Actors" Were Breaking Other Capitol Windows
And "Protesters" Stopped Them & Stood In Front Of Those Windows?

Did You Know "Actors" Were Inside The Capitol?
Did You Know They Were Given The Floor Plans To The Capitol?
Should These People Be Arrested?
YES, Every Single One.

Did You Know The "Actors" Were Passed "Weapons" Through A Broken Window?

 Did You Know There Was A Written Order NOT To Use Projectiles And
That No Projectiles Should Have Been Fired?

Did You Know That They Did So Anyway?

Did You Know That 2 People Were Hit By Projectiles And
Suffered Heart Attacks And Died?

Did You Know This Helped Instigate The Crowd Against The Police?

Did You Notice How Far Away They All Were From The Capitol
 When The Projectiles Were Thrown Into The Crowd?

Did You Know There Was A Guy With A Bullhorn On The
Scaffolding, Telling People To Go INTO The Capitol?

Did You Know This Is The Picture They Show The Public?

Did You Know They Implemented Prism, Used To Track People's
Cell Phones, So They Could Be Arrested Later On For Being At The Capitol?

Did You Know That More Than 100 State Legislators
Asked Mike Pence To Delay For Ten Days?

Did You Know There Were Two Calls Made Not To Certify The Election, Which
The Constitution Allows, Before Being Interrupted By "Protesters?" Did You Know The Constitution Allows For Ten Days To Examine Any Election Issues Raised?

Did You Know More States Were Going To Ask To Allow Those Ten Days
To Ensure The Public Their Votes Had Counted?

Did You Know Nancy Pelosi Issued A Shoot To Kill Order?

Did You Know All This May Have Been Averted If The National Guard Had Been Used?

Do You Know Why Nancy Pelosi Refused To Use Them?


Did You Know Conversations Between Ray Epps And Nancy Pelosi Were Happening?

This May Explain A Lot

Joe: - "Listen Sweetheart, Let The Men Handle It"
AOC: "The PUBLIC Doesn't Fear Us Anymore, Do Your Fucking Job Nancy!"
AOC: "Joe I Really Don't Have Anything To Say To You"

Pelosi Says: "It's Mostly A Peaceful Demonstration"
But AOC Calls For Arrests To Help Keep The PUBLIC Fearful Of Them.

Did AOC Say The Republicans Or The PUBLIC?

Did You Know The Public (YOU) Are Suppose To Fear Them?

Did You Know The DC Police Felt They Were Set Up?

DC Police "They Set Us The Fuck Up"
Police Realizing They Are Not Going To Be Able To Handle The Crowd.

Did You Know That According To Their Report, They Knew The Crowds Would Be Big

Link To The Above Report - PDF - 96 Pages

Did You Know The DC Police Had Only 154 Officers On Duty That Day, In 37 Locations?
Did You Know 40 Of Them Were At Joint Base Andrews, Not At The Capitol?

Wouldn't You Wonder Why The Guard Wasn't Called To Help Them?


Did You Know The Media Helped With The Narrative?

Did You Know For This To Work, People Needed To Be Arrested, Damage Had To
Be Done, And They Needed The Media To Call It An Insurrection?

Didn't Kamala Harris Call It Worse Than 9/11?

  2977 People Died In 9/11 - Was This Worse Than 9/11?

Did You Know The Media Used Edited Video From Jan 6th,
For Prime Time News To Help The Narrative?

Did You Know Only Six Corporations Own ALL The Media?

Did You Know That Most "Protesters" Realize That Some People In The Crowd
 Of "Protesters" Did Vandalize The Capitol And Feel They Should Be Held Responsible?

Did You Know Most Every "Protester" Feels That Way?

Did You Know There Were Hundred's, Maybe Thousands Of Mom And Dad's
 Who Just Came To Be Part Of History?
Just To Make Their Voices Heard?

Did You Know Most Just Walked Through The Open Doors Of The Capitol In Awe,
Taking Pictures And Sight Seeing?
 Yes, Open Doors.

Did You Know Most Of The Mom And Dad's Arrested Probably Had No Idea?
What Insurrection? 


"Many People Were In The Capitol For Only A Few Minutes"
Tucker Carlson

Federal Criminal Law - PDF - 7 Pages

Do You Wonder What Sentence They Received For That?

Mother Of Jan 6th Prisoner Matt Perna.

"Matthew Committed Suicide March 2, 2022"

Did You Know Mike Pence Could Have Given The States The 10 Days
They Asked For BEFORE They Declared The Emergency?

Did You Hear Pence Just Say He Couldn't Have Done The Above?
Do You Wonder Why 100 Legislators And 10 State Senators Say He
Could? Does Our Constitution Allow 10 Days?

But NOT After Declaring An Emergency.

VP Mike Pence - PDF - 3 Pages

Did You Know Mike Pence Wrote This Letter BEFORE
The Certification Took Place?

Did You Know That After Two States Asked For Time To Examine Election Issues, Everything Stopped And The Room Was Cleared. Did You Know That Later On, They Met Again To Certify The Election And That Was ALLOWED BY LAW To Be Certified Quickly?

Did You Know That Because They Declared It An Emergency, No States Were Allowed To Request Any Time To Examine The Election Results For The Voters?

As The First Video Explained - This Was All Done "Legally."

Did You Know This May Leave The Brunson Lawsuit, Without Standing?

Do You Understand Yet Why It Is Important For Them NOT To Show The J6 Tapes?

Did You Know That Tucker Showing The Public The Unedited Tapes,
Could Inform The Public That This Was All A Set Up?

 Do You Realize Yet That This Isn't About Trump?

That This Isn't About Republicans Or Democrats?

Can't We All At Least Agree,

This Is Not How American's Treat Each Other?

The Videos Here Are All Unedited.

Thank-You Again, For Keeping An Open Mind.


Do You Know How Many Police Officers Died On Jan 6th?

A: One. Brian Sicknick. He Died Hours Later Of A Heart Attack.

Five People Died On Jan 6th. - Four "Protesters" Were Also Killed
All Five Were Americans

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson
 "Tapes Prove It Was Not An Insurrection Or Deadly."

Tucker Carlson
"Jake Getting A Tour From The Capitol Police"

(Next Tape Is Different)

Tucker Carlson
"Video Inside The Capitol Overturns The Story You Heard On Jan 6th"

Why Should You Believe Tucker Carlson?
Did You Know.. He Doesn't Like Trump?

Tucker Carlson
"These Are The Pictures Of Jan 6th That You Saw Over And Over Again"

Tucker Carlson
Did You Know: "The FBI Was Involved In Jan 6th?"

Chuck Schumer
"Rupert Murdock Should Tell Him Not To"

Don't You Wonder Why?

Mitch McConnell

  Don't You Wonder Why?

Did You See The Letter He's Holding From The Chief Of Police?

Did You Read "One False Allegation Is That We Acted As Tour Guides?"

Did You Know 6 Capitol Police And 29 Other "Others" Had Roles?

CNN - Link To Above Article

One of the suspended officers took a selfie with someone who was part of the mob that overtook the Capitol, according to Rep. Tim Ryan, a Democrat from Ohio. Another wore a “Make America Great Again” hat and started directing people around the building, Ryan said.

"Started Directing People Around The Building"

Tucker Carlson
"People Telling The Truth Are Calm"

Tucker Carlson
"Did You Know The Media Is Outraged
That Their False Narrative Is Exposed"

Did You Know The President Told The People To Go Home?

Did You Know Jake Also Told People To Go Home?

Tucker Carlson
"Did You Know The One Person Who Isn't Blamed Is Nancy Pelosi"

Did You Know On Jan 5th, Pelosi Staffer Paul Irving Gave
Democrats  A "Redo" Of The Evacuation Route From The Chambers?

Did You Know Jake Called The FBI The Day After?

Did You Know Why Kevin McCarthy Released The Tapes To Carlson?

Did You Know They Hired ABC To Edit The Film For Prime Time Viewing?

(Listen Until The End)

Did You Know The Jan 6th Committee Didn't See ANY Footage?


Did You Know Nancy Pelosi's Daughter Said She Saw No Insurrection?

Do You Know Why Pence Would Claim "140 Officers Injured?"

Do You Remember That There Were Only 154 Officers On Duty That Day?
Do You Remember Only 114 Were At The Capitol?

Did You Know Jan 6th American Prisoners Are Being Treated Unfairly?

Kevin Nunes
"Who Were The Guys With The Face Masks On And Hammers?"

Matt Gaetz
Did You Know There Were Jan 6th Documents?

Lawyer For J6 Prisoners Speaks Out

Welcome To The "Insurrection."
Your Tour Guides Will Be The Capitol Police.

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