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Just A Quick Comment.

The CNN List On The Right Gives You The Fake News Headlines
That Were Sold To The Public In 2023. When I Say Fake News
I Mean The "Economy Is Better" "Biden's Plans Are Working,"
"The Public Is Now Better Off" And Of Course
A Lot More I Haven't Mentioned. The Media IS The Enemy.

This Trip Down Memory Lane For 2023 Isn't All Great,
I Added A Few Minutes Of Joy Along The Way.

They Have Taken Away Our Right To Choose Our President.
2024 Is Left Up To All Of Us To Correct And Save.
I Have No Doubt... We All Will Be Ready For The Challenge.
With That Said I Wish Us All Peace & Love In 2024

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Damar Hamlin's Cardiac Arrest

  Damar Hamlin's Response


  Jan 8th. - Lynette "Diamond" Hardaway. 51. An Ardent Supporter Of President Trump And One Half Of The Conservative Political Commentary Duo Diamond And Silk.

Kevin McCarthy Elected House Speaker

Norfolk Southern Train Derails

Tom Brady Retires

2023 - NFL Superbowl
Kansas City Chiefs

US Shoots Down China Spy Balloon

Tucker Gets J6 Footage

Custodian Gets New Car

Section 230

Tom Brady Divorce

Mitch McConnell On Tucker Carlson

Regional Banks Fail, Prompting Federal Intervention

Donald Trump Indited By Bragg

Softball Player's Grand Slam

Tenn Shooter

East Palestine

  March 6th. - Traute Lafrenz, 103. She Was The Last Known Survivor Of A German Group Known As The White Rose That Actively Resisted The Nazis.

Tucker Fired

FTX Collapse

Army Dad Returns

  April 25th. - Carolyn Bryant Donham, 88. The White Woman Who Accused Black Teenager Emmett Till Of Making Improper Advances Leading To His Lynching In Mississippi In 1955.

Hollywood Writers Go On Strike

Montana Rep Zooey Zepher Loses Bid To Return

Covid 19 No Longer A Global Health Emergency

  May 18th. - Jim Brown, 87. The Pro Football Hall Of Famer Was The Unstoppable Running Back Who Retired At The Peak Of His Career To Become An Actor As Well As A Prominent Civil Rights Advocating During The 1960's.

Title 42 Expires

20th Preakness

  May 29th - Carroll Cooley. 87. The Retired Phoenix Police Captain Was The Arresting Officer In The Landmark Case Partially Responsible For The Supreme Court's Miranda Rights Ruling That Requires Suspects Be Read Their Rights.


President Trump Indited By Smith
Document Case

NHL Stanley Cup - Vegas Golden Knights

Titan Sub Goes Missing

2023 - NBA Championship
Denver Nuggets

Sound Of Freedom

Bud Light

  June 25th - John Goodenough, 100. He Shared The 2019 Nobel Prize In Chemistry For His Work Developing The Lithium -ion Battery That Transformed Technology With Rechargeable Power For Devices Ranging From Cellphones, Computers And Pacemakers To Electric Cars.



Happy Birthday America

Interest Rates Jump To Highest In 22 Years

   July 9th. - James Lewis 76. The Suspect In The 1982 Tylenol Poisonings That Killed Seven People In The Chicago Area, Triggered A Nationwide Scare And Led To An Overhaul In Their Safety Of Over-The-Counter Medication Packing.

Ray Epps Indicted

Bud Light Changes Course

Teen Hears For First Time

Affirmative Action

  July 23rd - Hugh "Sonny" Carter Jr. 80. He Was The Organizer In The "Peanut Brigade" That Helped Elect His Cousin Jimmy To The White House And Later enforced The President's Frugal Ways In The West Wing.


Fires In Hawaii

Aug 14th Trump Indicted - Fanni Willis

Congress & Aliens

   Aug 19th. - John Warnock, 82. The Silicon Valley Entrepreneur And Computer Scientist Who Helped Invent The PDF And Co-Founded Adobe Systems.

Tucker, J6, Chief Sund

Vaccine Stories You Were Never Told

Mom Hears Heartbeat


Summer Declared Hottest On Record

Hunter Biden Indited

Billions To Ukraine
$700.00 To Hawaii

 Biden's "Help" For Losing Their Homes And Possessions.

Tucker / Trump
Same Time As The Republican Debate
The Interview That Has Over 250 Million Views

Niger Camp


Hamas Launches Terror Attack

Oct 7Th Footage

Trump's Trial Starts / Leticia James

Gunman Kills 19 In Lewiston Maine

World Series - Texas Rangers

Milei Elected


Kevin McCarthy Out

  Oct 31st. - Ken Mattingly, 87. An Astronaut Who Is Best Remembered For His Efforts On The Ground That Helped Bring The Damaged Apollo 13 Spacecraft Safely Back To Earth.

Ohio Becomes Latest State To Enshrine Abortion Rights

Mike Johnson Elected Speaker

Free Haircuts For Vets

Xi, Biden Meet

Rosalynn Carter Dies

  Nov. 7th - Frank Borman, 95. The Astronaut Who Commanded Apollo 8"s Historic Christmas 1968 Flight That Circled The Moon 10 Times And Paved The Way For The Lunar Landing The Next Year.

Biden Formal Impeachment Inquiry


Ukraine Compromise

Rudy Responds To Freeman Case

Hunter Indicted

FTX Celebrity Lawsuit

Trump Off Co. Ballot

Trump Off Maine Ballot

  Dec. 1st. - Sandra Day O'Connor, 93. The Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Was An Unwavering Voice Of Moderate Conservatism And The First Woman To Serve On The Nation's Highest Court.

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