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  Full Indictment - CV-
Date Filed: Aug 14, 2023
Date Arraigned: Aug 24, 2023
Charges: 13 Felony Counts
Trial Date: May 2024

March 15, 2024 - Judge Throws Out Six Of The 41 Charges.

3 Charges For Trump & Rudy Were Dismissed

Efforts To Overturn The 2020 Election. 

# PO1135809

Case No: 23SC188947

Number Of Charges: 10 Felony Counts.

1 count of violating the Georgia RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act,
which is basically a catchall charge for the larger conspiracy to overturn the outcome
3 counts of solicitation of violation of oath by a public officer, which are about Trump’s
attempts to convince Georgia officials to overturn the results _ Dismissed

1 count of conspiracy to commit impersonating a public officer 
2 counts of conspiracy to commit forgery
2 counts of conspiracy to commit false statements and writings
1 count of conspiracy to commit filing false documents
1 count of filing false documents
2 counts of making false statements and writings
Most of those counts relate to the Trump campaign’s effort to put together a slate of “alternate” electors
from Georgia who would purport to cast electoral votes for Trump rather than the actual winner, Biden.

Remember When It Was Mentioned That Willis Had Indited Trump On The Same
Charges Smith Had Done? No One Talks About That Because They Have Teamed Up.
Mark Meadows Has Been Given Immunity To Testify For Smith.
Given Ga. Like To Use Their Own Laws, I Hope Trump Gets It Dismissed.

CASE NO. 23SC188947 - Motion To Sever His Case

Motion To Sever His Case From Others

Objection To Unauthorized Deletion Of Classified Documents

President Trump Will Offer Evidence Of Foreign Influence

On Jan 6th, Trump Was President. I Believe He Has Immunity.
However, I Cannot Find Any Motions Asking To Dismiss.
Trump Has Filed Two Motions To Dismiss In The Smith DC Case, Citing Presidential Immunity.
That Case Has To Do With Jan 6th, Just As This Case Does.
He Did Tag Onto Roman's Motion But Has Not Filed Citing Presidential Immunity.


McAfee's Six Dismissed Charges

"Willis' office proposed a final plea date of June 21, 2024, and a trial start date of August 5, 2024.
Willis has vowed to trial all defendants charged in her investigation into alleged criminal attempts to
overturn the 2020 election results at the same time. The current proposed timeline means there is a
possible scenario where Trump, the front runner in the GOP primary, could 
win the 2024 presidential
election and then be found guilty in a state case in which he would be unable to pardon himself
once he enters office"


I'll Add.... If Found Guilty President Can And Will Appeal It

Rudolph Giuliani - Fraud, First Degree Forgery, False Statements, False Documents. (Won't Take A Plea Deal)
Ray Stallings Smith lll
Fraud, First Degree Forgery, False Statements, False Documents.

Mr. Smith Is Being Represented By Two Of the Attorney's Who Filed To Withdraw From The Lawsuit
In The Fulton Country Commissioners Election Case.
Attorney's Donald F Samuel & Amanda R. Clark Palmer 

David Shafer - False Documents, First Degree Forgery.
John Eastman -
Fraud, First Degree Forgery, False Statements, False Documents.
Cathleen Latham - Conspiracy To Commit Computer Theft, First Degree Forgery.
Michael Roman -
Fraud, First Degree Forgery, False Statements, False Documents.
Trevian Kutti - C
onspiracy To Influence Witness / False Statements (Ruby Freeman)

Robert Cheeley -
Fraud, First Degree Forgery, False Statements, False Documents.
Shawn Still - First Degree Forgery, False Documents.
Stephen Lee
Conspiracy To Influence Witness / False Statements (Ruby Freeman) Won't Take A Plea Deal.
Jeffery Clark - False Statements, (Mr Clark Has Been Referred To The BAR.)
Misty Hampton - C
onspiracy To Commit Computer Theft.

Mark Meadows - Meadows Is A Witness For Jack Smith. Not Sure Of His Charges.

Willis And Smith Are Using A Federal Statute That Was Written In The Civil War Era.

It's Pretty Broad But It Has Been Used Successfully To Jail January 6 Prisoners.

Federal Statute 18 USC S 241
- Makes It Unlawful For Two Or More People To "Conspire To Injury, Oppose,
Threaten, Or Intimidate Any Person" In The Free Exercise Of Their Constitutional Rights.

( Ruby Freeman -  Harrison Floyd, Trevian Kutti, Stephen Lee )

The Courts Have Repeatedly Found The Statute Applies In The Voting Context, Specifically In The Right
To Have One's Vote  Properly Counted. Even Though The Fake Elector's Did Not Get Used,
The Law Does Not Require The Actions To Be Successful.

They Charge That Trump And Others Tried To Thwart The Will Of The Voters
In Those Seven Battleground States Who Had Voted For Biden.

This Charge Is Being Argued On April 16th

The Second Charge Federal Statute 18 USC 1512 S (c) (2

Involves Obstructing An Official Proceeding. This Would Mean The Certification Process On Jan 6th.
They Argue That By Submitting Phony Electoral Certificates To The National Archives, They Attempted To
Obstruct The Normal Certification Process. This Has Been Charged In Other Jan 6th Cases And Has
Been Upheld By D.C.'s Highest Appeals Court.

Those Counts Carry A Maximum Sentence Of 20 Years.

Federal Statute 18 USC 1512 S 371 - Conspiring To Defraud The U.S. Government. The Theory Being
Trump And Others Conspired To Obstruct "The Lawful Government Function" Of Collecting And
Certifying The Election Results.

This Count Carries A Maximum Sentence Of 10 Years