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We All Watched It Fall. Just Like The Towers.
Straight Down.

Pull It

The Black Squares Are Blow Outs Or "Squibs"

This Picture Is A Screen Shot Of A Video I Have Of The First Tower.
I Noticed The Tower On The Right Had Blow Outs Happening While
The Tower On The Left, Was Hit By The Second Plane. Just Like The
Blow Outs On Building Seven. Maybe This Helped The Tower To Crumble?
I Showed This Video On The Twin Towers Page.

BBC Reports Building 7 Is Down

Jane From BBC
Building Seven In The Back Ground




Building Seven Demo

Notice The Blow Outs On Each Side

This Building Was Rigged With Explosives.

So Now Common Sense Questions Arise.

Why Would You Rig This Building With Explosives
If You Didn't Have Prior Knowledge?

This Building Wasn't Hit By A Plane.
Why Was It So Important To Bring It Down?

Knowing Now, The Tenants Of This Building
Why Did They Demo It Before Recovering What They Could?

Did The Planes Bring Down Two Buildings
Or Were They Rigged As Well?

Building Seven Detonated

Before Demolition

 Start Of Demolition

This Shows Where The Kink Was And How High The "Gash" Was.

The "Gash" Is The Piece Of The Towers That Did Not Fall In.
The Antenna Shaped Object In Back Of Building Seven
Is Actually One Of The Towers. That Is How High That Piece Remained.

After Demolition

Here Are Some Pictures That Disprove Building Seven Was Severely Damaged.
I Saw One Floor With A Fire On It.

Building Seven - One Floor On Fire

  Very Little Damage To The Building

The Fire Fighters Went Into The Towers To Put The Fire Out.
Look At This Building. No Damage. That Fire Could Have Been Extinguished.

But Remember The Tenants.

Just About All Are Banks And Financial Companies


New Building Seven

I Went Looking For The Date Construction Started,
Or How Long It Took, I Couldn't Find ANYTHING Pertaining To
This Building
Except These Pictures..

Larry Silverstien Will Tell You How Easy It Was To Get The Insurance Money
 For All Three Buildings,
But He Did Need A Little Help. Gov. Elliott Spitzer
 Was A New Governor Who Helped Silverstein The Get Insurance Money
 That Larry Had An "Obligation" To Receive.   

Then 14 Months Later, Spitzer Resigns After It's Revealed
He Spent $80,000
On Prostitutes.

Fun Fact - Building Seven Was Already Rigged With Explosives.


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