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  Full Indictment - CV-
Date Filed: MONDAY - Aug 14, 2023
Date Arraigned: Aug 24, 2023
Charges: 13 Felony Counts

Trial Date: May 2024
Probably Not Making That Date.

Slated To Be Heard Feb 15th 2024
Closing Arguments March 1st 2024

March 15, 2024 - Judge McAfee's Decision On Roman's Motion

March 20, 2024 - Immediate Review Is Allowed.

This Has 45 Days To Get A Response From Appellate Court.
If They Take The Case, It Could Be Months Before A Decision.
If It Needs To Be Appealed To SCOTUS.. That Will Happen As Well.

August 4, 2024 - Willis Estimated Trial Date

I Expect This Case To Be Thrown Out, We'll See.

March 20, 2024 - Immediate Review Is Allowed.
This Has 45 Days To Get A Response From Appellate Court

March 15, 2024 - Judge McAfee's Decision On Roman's Motion

McAfee's Decision - PDF 28 Pages

Efforts To Overturn The 2020 Election. 

# PO1135809

Case No: 23SC188947

Number of charges: 13 felony counts.

1 count of violating the Georgia RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act,
which is basically a catchall charge for the larger conspiracy to overturn the outcome 3 counts
of solicitation of violation of oath by a public officer, which are about Trump’s attempts to convince Georgia officials to overturn the results.

1 count of conspiracy to commit impersonating a public officer 

2 counts of conspiracy to commit forgery

2 counts of conspiracy to commit false statements and writings

1 count of conspiracy to commit filing false documents

1 count of filing false documents

2 counts of making false statements and writings
Most of those counts relate to the Trump campaign’s effort to put together a slate of “alternate” electors from Georgia who would purport to cast electoral votes for Trump rather than the actual winner, Biden.

Remember When It Was Mentioned That Willis Had Indited Trump On The Same
Charges Smith Had Done? No One Talks About That Because They Have Teamed Up.
Mark Meadows Has Been Given Immunity To Testify For Smith.
Given Ga. Like To Use Their Own Laws, I Hope Trump Gets It Dismissed.

CASE NO. 23SC188947 - Motion To Sever His Case

Motion To Sever His Case From Others

Objection To Unauthorized Deletion Of Classified Documents

President Trump Will Offer Evidence Of Foreign Influence

On Jan 6th, Trump Was President. I Believe He Has Immunity.

"Willis' office proposed a final plea date of June 21, 2024, and a trial start date of August 5, 2024.
Willis has vowed to trial all defendants charged in her investigation into alleged criminal attempts to
overturn the 2020 election results at the same time. The current proposed timeline means there is a
possible scenario where Trump, the front runner in the GOP primary, could 
win the 2024 presidential
election and then be found guilty in a state case in which he would be unable to pardon himself
once he enters office"


Some Of The Defendant's Took Deals. The Deal Was A $5,000.00 Fine
No Jail Time. That Deal Cost Less Than Defending A Case. So Some
Agreed To Take The Deal, And Go On With Their Lives.

Willis Started With 40 People and Ended Up With The 18 Above.
Michael Roman Was Added AFTER All Defendants Had Been Charged.

Mr. Roman Was Offered The Same Deal. He Refused. 

Mr. Roman Want's The Case Dismissed Based On Fani Making Personal Financial
Gains On These Cases. Keeping The Cases Open, To Make More Money. Mr.
Roman Was Reminded That His Case Could Have Been Settled If He Had Taken
The Deal, Therefore, They Say His Claim Is Invalid. I Believe They Are Wrong.

"This Needed To Be Done By Monday To Cover Up The Weiss Mess"

Fanni RICO Warrent
Monday August 14th, 2023

Where Did Fani Go Wrong?

Well, First Off, She Is Up Against 14 Attorney's And She's Not That Good.
Each Defendant Has One. Each Defendant Seems To Have A Direction To Go.

Remember, This Is Roman's Case. All The Other Attorney's Filed Motions To
Join His Lawsuit. Therefore Any Decision The Judge Gives Affects Them All.

Until That Decision Is Handed Out, The Other Defendants Still Have Their
Own Separate Cases, That They Need To Defend Against.

Mr Roman Went In The Direction Of The Love Affair.
Miss Latham Also Has An Attorney "Witness" That Can State The Affair Was In 2019
Mr. Floyd Is Going On Proving Trump Won, To Prove He Himself, Is Not Guilty.

Lots Of Possibilities In This Case.
Case Could Be Thrown Out.
One Attorney Or Both Could Be Thrown Out.
A Re-File And Jury Selection Could Happen In Another County.
And... If It Does NOT Get Thrown Out.
The Ballot Totals Could Be Recounted In Ga.

To Prove Mr. Floyd Felt He Was Being Truthful When He Stated Trump Won.

January 8, 2024 - Mike Roman  - Court Filing - PDF 127 Pages

01-08-24 - Court Filing - PDF 127 Pages


There Is A Question Of Mr. Wade's Experience In Cases And Why He Was Paid More
Than More Qualified People Already On Their Team.

Fanni Started Paying Wade In November 2021
One Month Before He Filed For Divorce.
I Believe Fanni Is The Reason For The Divorce.
Divorce Papers Have Been Sealed.

Link Of Payments -



By: Kanekoa The Great
I Added A Lot To It.


Feb 10, 2021 - Fanni Willis Writes Letter To Kemp Requesting Him To Retain Evidence

July 27, 2021 - Jan 6th - First Public Hearing

2021 - Nathan Wade Files For Divorce After 19 Years From His Wife, Joycelyn

Joycelyn And Daughter Kaitlyn

November 3, 2021 - November 19, 2021 - First Invoice From Wade To Willis

December 17, 2021 - Fanni Willis Writes To J6 Committee Requesting Evidence

March 1, 2022 - Nathan Wade Signed A Contract With Fanni Willis And Calls Himself A "Special Asst.
Attorney General" Wade's Bio Says He Specializes In Family Law, Contract Disputes And Civil Litigation.

**April 7, 2022 - Letitia James Invited To WH. For Ketanji Brown Jackson's Speech.

**April 8, 2022 - Letitia James Meets With POTUS For Approx. 6 Hrs.

May 2, 2022 - Fulton County special grand jury selected for Fani Willis' Trump investigation

May 2, 2022 - May 31 - Wade Submits Invoice #8 To Willis For $33,500.00

**May 23, 2022Nathan Wade, Fani Willis Lead Prosecutor, has 8-hour Conference with Biden White House Counsel

May 27, 2022 - New York Times: "Up to 50 subpoenas expected as grand jury begins Trump inquiry"

June 1, 2022 - Grand jury begins hearing evidence with Brad Raffensperger first to testify

July 5, 2022 - Grand jury subpoenas Trump Attorneys Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman,
Cleta Mitchell, Kenneth Chesebro, Jenna Ellis, and others

August 25, 2022 - Grand jury subpoenas Mark Meadows, Sidney Powell, Boris Epshteyn, and others

**August 29, 2022 - Letitia James To WH - VPOTUS - 243 People Attended

November 7, 2022 - Nov 30, 2022 -  Invoice #14 - Nathan Wade To Fanni Willis - $25,250.00

Nov. 15, 2022 - Gov. Brian Kemp testifies before grand jury

Nov. 15, 2022 - Donald Trump announces candidacy for President

Nov. 16, 2022 - CNN: "Georgia DA floats immunity deals for fake electors as investigation into Trump hits roadblock"

**Nov. 18, 2022 - Nathan Wade, Fani Willis' lead prosecutor, has 8-hour Interview with Biden White House

**Nov. 18, 2022 - Garland appoints Jack Smith as special counsel investigating Trump

Nov. 22, 2022 - Sen. Lindsey Graham testifies before grand jury

Nov. 29, 2022 - Mark Meadows ordered to testify before grand jury

Dec. 8, 2022 - Former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn testifies before grand jury

December 22, 2022 - Jan 6th Committee Ends.


Jan. 9, 2023 - Fulton County special grand jury completes its work

**February 24, 2023 - Fanni Willis Invitation From VPOTUS - 456 People Attend

**July 14, 2023 - July 18, 2023 - Letitia James Meets At The WH For 4 Days Meeting With 26 People.

Aug. 14, 2023 - Fani Willis holds a press conference at 11:37 pm announcing the indictment
of Donald Trump, after per-maturely leaking the indictment

August 24, 2023 - Rep Committee Writes To Fanni Willis Asking About j6 Evidence

**August 29, 2023 - Letitia James Invited To WH - 243 People Attend 


January 8, 2024 - Mike Roman  - Court Filing - PDF 127 Pages

"Mr Roman Also Moves The Court For An Order Disqualifying The District Attorney,
Her Office, And The Special Prosecutor From Further Prosecuting The Instant
Matter On The Grounds That The District Attorney And The Special Prosecutor Have
Been Engaged In An Improper, Clandestine Personal Relationship During The Pendency
Of This Case, Which Has Resulted In The Special Prosecutor, And In Turn, The District
Attorney, Profiting Significantly From This Prosecution At The Expense Of The Taxpayers." 

                                      Ashleigh Merchant                     Terrence Bradley

Ashleigh Merchant - Mr Roman's Attorney

Jan 10, 2024 - D.A. Fanni Willis, Subpoenaed In Divorce Proceedings Of Lead Prosecutor.

Jan 10, 2024 - Jocelyn Wade Files A Motion For Spousal Support After Seeing The $650.000
Nathan Wade Received From Fanni Wade's Office. Jocelyn And Wade Were Married For 19 Years
And Have Two Grown Children. Jocelyn Was A Housewife While Married To Wade.

Fanni Files A PFA Against Mrs Wade, For Interfering With Her RICO Case.
That Motion Quickly Gets Dropped.

Other Defendants In The Willis Case.
Several Attorneys Will Adopt Mike Roman's Motion To Disqualify Wade & Willis.
Court Will Address This In February 15, 2024

Fanni Willis Tickets. 
Feb 15th -2024

Church Speech
Jan 14, 2024

Wade's Ex Wife's Lawyer
Jan 31, 2024

Whistle Blower
Caught Funds Being Used Inappropriately
Feb 3, 2024

Motion To Suppress Subpoena's
They Don't Want Fani Questioned.
 Feb 12, 2024

2nd Witness
Fanni's Friend Robin Yearti
Feb 15th - 2024

Robin Yearti Was A Hostile Witness Meaning, She Attempted To Squash Her Subpoena
And Not Have To Testify. Obviously, That Didn't Work.
The State Objected To Her Testimony. That Didn't Work.

Ms Yearti, Has Known Fani Since The 1990's. She Leased Her Condo To Fani, She Also Was Hired By Fani To Work In The DA's Office. Until They Had A Falling Out And Ms. Yearti Resigned.
Ms. Yearti Is Also An Attorney. Has No Reason To Lie.

Fani's Friend, Testified Fanni & Wade's Romantic Relationship Started In 2019.

Feb 15th - 2024
Nathan Wade's Testimony
This is The Full Court Day. To Get To Fani, Go To 1:46:00

1:42:00 - Mr Wade Denied The Relationship Started In 2019 And Instead Stuck With
The 2022 Time Period. (This Will Be Proven False Using Texts, Witnesses And Night Hawk.)

The Questions About The Money, Tickets, And Travel
Destinations That They Took Were Asked. Mr Wade Stated Willis Paid Him Back
In Cash. No Records. Willis Kept Cash As She Stated "Wherever I Laid My Head."

5:33:46 - Ms Willis Had Filed A Motion NOT To Testify, However, Her Ego Got The Best
Of Her And She Marched Right Down To Sit In The Witness Chair.

6:28:00 - Ms Willis Calls The 3 "Reasons" The Defense Listed In The Order As "Lies"
They Were All Proven To Be True.  Mr. Merchant, In His Closing, Took
Offense To Her Remarks That Willis Leveled At His Wife.

6:38:00 - Fani - "Wade Never Spent The Night At The Condo."
(Text Messages Dispute That Claim Several Times)

7:08:00 - Fani States "Relationship Is Friendship, Not Personal Relationship."
(Again, Witnesses And Text Do Not Support That Statement)

7:09:00 - Fanni "No Romantic Relationship Before Hiring Wade In Nov 2021."
(Two Witnesses Will Testify That The Romantic Relationship Started In 2019)
7:12:00 - Romantic Relationship Started In April 2022.

A Good Attorney Will Tell You Not To Testify.
A Good Attorney Will Tell You Answer Only Yes Or No.
A Good Attorney Knows That Not Doing So, Opens The Doors To Other Questions.
A Good Attorney, If That Is What She Is.. Should Know This.

Mr. Bradley Zoom Hearing
Feb 26 - 2024

Ms. Willis Was Suppose To Come Back The Next Day And Be Questioned By The Prosecution. But That Would Allow More Questions By The Defense Lawyers. Her Attorney's Advised Her Not To Take The Stand Again. She Listened To Them.

Mr. Bradley Was A Law Partner Of Mr Wades. He Also Was Mr Wade's Attorney During His Divorce.
He Is Also A Friend Of Mrs. Merchant. He Had Text Mrs. Merchant That Wade And Fani's Romantic Relationship Started At A Conference In 2019. However, He Also Is A Hostile Witness And Is Trying To Use Attorney/Client Privilege To Not Testify To All The Text Statements.

MSNBC Breaks Down Bradley's Testimony
Feb 27, 2024

In Court, Bradley Tried To Hide Behind Client Attorney Privilege. He Stated That
He Was Wade's Attorney In His Divorce, But Couldn't Remember A Starting Date.
After Some Back And Forth The Judge Said He Would Rule On The Attorney/Client Privilege.

Bradley's Second Appearance.
Feb 27, 2024

Mr. Bradley Is Called Back After The Judge Has Determined That The Attorney/Client
Privilege Did Not Pertain To Personal Information Mr Bradley Might Possess.

"Do You Tell Lies About Your Friends, About A Case Of National Importance?"
"I Could Have, I Don't Know"

Feb 27th, 2024

Closing Arguments: March 1, 2024

Judge Will Rule Within Two Weeks

Putting Money Away
Willis Admits To "Putting Away" Some Election Donations.
That... Is Against The Law.

The Race Card

Fani's Race Card

March 01, 2024 - The Wades Are Still Married at The Time Of This Post.

But... No Matter What The Judge Rule's, Fani's Troubles Are Not Over.

The Information In This Case, Can Be Used In The Impeachment Hearing.
And The Georgia Senate Has Some Questions As Well.

That's Below 

FANNI - Asking For 4 To 5 Million Added To Her Budget


It Was Stated In The Ga Commissioner Meeting That Wade's Bills Were Very Irregular.
Every Attorney Has To Keep Track Of Hours By 15 Minute Increments.
This Is In An Effort To Show Transparency To Clients.
You CANNOT Bill In The Above Manner Unless You Can Produce
A Break Down Of The Bill. Mr. Wade Did Not Produce Any.


4/18/22 - 4/21/22 - Wade (Team Meeting) W/ Jan 6 - 24 Hrs.
Wade Met Twice For 16 Hours, With The White House
On 5/23/22 Wade Met With WH Council For 8 Hrs. - (For What Reason?)
5/31/22 - Wade Meets W/ Jan 6 For 8 Hrs. - Witness Prep
9/7/22 - 9/9/22 - Wade Conf Call DC, Witness Interviews 24 Hrs.
11/16/22 - Wade J6 Meeting And Atty Conf. - 8 Hrs.
On 11/18 - Wade Met For Eight Hours At WH - 8 Hrs.
The Same Day Garland Makes Smith Special Prosecutor

This Is 80 Hours With The White House Council & J 6 Committee.

How Is This NOT Political Persecution Of Your Opponent?  

Why Are These Attorney's Meeting The VP, As Well As The White House Council?

On 2/28/23 Willis Met VPOTUS

7:15:00 - Mr. "While In DC Did You Go To The White House?"
Fanni: "I Did Not Go To The White House."

Just The News Has An Open Records Request To Fani's Office Asking For All
Records Pertaining To Any Trips Made To The White House. 

3 Page Letter - Request

Lettia James
A Reminder That James Also Went To WH Several Times.
4/7/22 - POTUS
7/14/23 - 7/18/23 - (6 Days) -  26 People
8/29/23 - 8/31/23 - (2 Days) - VPOTUS

Fanni - Wouldn't Date Employees


2020 - Wade Helped Fani During Her Campaign.
2017 - Ashleigh Merchant Helped Wade During His Campaign For Judge
  Seems Almost All The Attorney's Know Each Other.

Fanni - Wade Paid More Than Her RICO Attorney

The Georgia Senate Leaders Seemed Very Interested In Looking At This Book.
This Book Came Out In February Of 2024.

Fani Gets Approved To Run For Re-Election For DA.
March 6th, 2024

March 6, 2024 - Full Senate Hearing
(This Has Been Fixed)

Billing Practices By Mr. Wade Are Questioned

12,000 Voice & Text
2073 Voice Calls
9792 Text Messages

Cell Phone Cell Hawk - Geo Location
Cell Berite - Can Get Your Texts Your Information.
Mr. Wade - Mr Bradley Could Give The Phones To Prove Themselves Not Guilty.


New Witnesses

Both Side Have Asked The Judge To Allow New Evidence To Be Shown.
The Prosecutors Have Evidence That They Say Dismisses The Cell Phone Data.

They Have Evidence That Mrs. Merchant Helped Wade In His Run For Judge.
I Don't Believe That Matters Much.

The Defense Has A Bit More New Evidence To Add As Well.

Cindi Lee Yeager

New Testimony That Mr. Wade Had His Own Garage Door Opener At The Willis Condo.

Cathy Latham Has An Attorney, Manny Arora, Who Has Information
Mr Arora Had Several Conversations With Mr Bradley Regarding
The Relationship Of Willis And Wade

I've Watched This Whole Case And I Have To Say, Mrs Merchant Is A Very Good Attorney.

Steven Sadow

But... Trump's Attorney, Steven Sadow, Is One Of The Best I've Ever Seen. Anywhere Mrs.
Merchant Couldn't Reach, Mr. Sadow Was Able To. You Could See The Respect He
Received By The State, In The Few Objections They Had. He Took Control.

Even Now With Willis's New Motion, He Has Stepped Forward To Give His Own Summation
Of Her Request, Showing Her "Power Point Attorney" Once Again How He Is Wrong.


Fani's New Motion Filed 03/05/24

Fani's All Done Saying She Did Nothing Wrong. So What To Do Next?
Use The Law That Says She Cannot Be Removed Basically,
With The Evidence Provided So Far, To The Court.

So We Are Here... As Far As This Case Goes.

But Fanni's Troubles, Just Keep Going...


So If Soro's Politifact Says It's False, You Can Take That As A True. 

222 - So I Guess Politifact Is Wrong.


This Process Has Been Used For More People Than Willis & Warnock.
Time To Check James & Bragg

They Have Already Filed Documents Against Warnock & Willis