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Something Is Wrong Here. I've Never Looked Into The Hijackers Before Now. I've Looked And Searched And I Could Only Find 7 of The 19 Hijacker's Being Shown On Video Or Photos. That's It. The Pictures And Videos We Do Get, Are Also From Only Two Of The Many Airports The Hijacker's Used.

I Live 1/2 Mile From Portland International Airport.

That Is Where MOHAMED ATTA And Al-OMARI Took Off From To Go To Boston.

Here They Are At The Portland International Jetport.
There Are No Other Pictures Or Video's Of Them From Logan Airport In Boston.
There Are No Video Or Pictures From Logan Airport In Boston Of Any Hijackers.


Mohamed Atta And The Venice Flying Flying Circus

You Would Think That There Would Be More Pictures Of ALL The Hijackers. Airport Security Cameras Capture Only 7 And Only From Two Locations.
Portland Maine And Dulas.

5 Hijacker's Of Flight 77

Here Are Five Of The Hijacker's Arriving At Dulas Airport
Flight 77 Was The "Plane" That Hit The Pentagon.
Video Of The 5 Hijacker's On That Flight Are Shown, Yet No Others?

I Have Issues With Flight 77. I Believe It Never Hit The Pentagon.

I Firmly Believe That A Cruise Missile Hit The Pentagon.
The Pictures And Video's I've Posted On The
Pentagon Page Show That. So The People And The Hijacker's
On Board Flight 77, Are Missing And Presumed Dead.

Ten Hijacker's Are Now At Logan Airport In Boston, Getting On Two
Different Planes.. And Not ONE Picture Of Any Of Them?

Flight 175 That Left Boston With 5 Hijackers And Flew Into The Second Tower
Where Are Their Pictures In Boston? Did They Even Exist?

Many Believe The Plane Was CGI
And That Means Once Again, Passengers Are Missing.

And What About Shanksville?

Flight 93 From Newark Liberty International Airport,
To San Fransisco? 4 Hijacker's Left That Airport, No Pictures.
That Plane Went Into The Ground And Disintegrated.



I Have A Pretty Hard Time Believing A Plane Crashed Here.
Don't Forget, This Is The Hero's Plane. Air-Phone Calls And
The Phrase, "Let's Roll." I Mean No Dis-Respect. Those
People Are Also Missing And Presumed Dead. 

As I'm Researching The Hijackers, I'm Finding Links
That Say Some Are Still Alive




FBI Recruited 2 Hijackers


There Was A Report Of People Dancing On A Roof Top
When The Towers Were Hit. Trump Has Referenced Them As Well.

The Dancing Israelis

FBI Report Section #1 141 - Pages

FBI Report Section #2 - 87 Pages

FBI Report Section #3 - 100 Pages

FBI Report Section #4 - 16 Pages

FBI Report Section #5 - 141 Pages

FBI Report Section #6 - 94 Pages

Police Reports - 4 Pages

Netanyahu Warned US In 1995

Brent Hume


The Night Before Taking Off From Portland To Boston
Atta And Aloarmi Spent Time At Wal-Mart, Jet Port Gas,
An ATM Machine And A Couple Of Restaurants. They Stayed
At The Comfort Inn 10 Minutes From Airport.

Here Is A Time-Line Of Their Stay In South Portland, Maine


Anatomy Of A Terrorist

I Wish I Had More About The Terrorists.
With The Confusing Names They Have, I've Discovered,
That Helps Keep Them From Being Investigated. 

What About The Black Boxes? After All, Flight 99 Had The
Passenger's Attacking The Terrorists And It Was All Heard
On A Black Box. But Where Are All The Other Black Boxes?

"All Four Of The Devices Were Recovered From The Two Planes That Hit The Pentagon And That Crashed In Rural Pennsylvania. In The Case Of American Flight 77, Which Hit The Pentagon, The FBI Reports That The Flight Data Recorder Survived And Had Recoverable Information (Like The Flight Path Of Flight 77 They Convinced Us Of) But The Voice Recorder Was Allegedly Too Damaged To Provide Any Record. In The Case Of United Airlines Flight 93, Which Hit The Ground At 500 MPH In Pennsylvania, The Situation Was Reversed. The Voice Recorder Survived (Hence The Transcript Of The Hero's, Which May Have Been Inserted, To Make It More Believable) But The Flight Data Box Was Allegedly Damaged Beyond Recovery."


"The FBI States, And Also Reported To The 911 Comission, That None Of The Recording Devices From The Two Planes That Hit The World Trade Center Were Ever Recovered." However, Two New York City Fire Fighters, Mike Bellone And Nicholas De Masi, Claimed In 2004 That They Had Found Three Of The Four Boxes, And That Federal Agents Took Them And Told The Two Men Not To Mention Having Found Them. The FBI Denies The Story"



Digging A Little Deeper Into The Two Guys Who Found The Black Boxes I Also Discovered That Their Reputations Were Quickly Attacked.

In 2005, After Claiming They Had Found The Black Boxes And The FBI Had Taken Them The Media Did Their Thing.

Ballone Was A Volunteer, De Masi Was A Fire Fighter. Both Started An
Organization Called T.R.A.C. Trama Response Assistance For Children.

Ballone, The Volunteer, Had Some Equipment From The Site.
A Mask, And Some Other Equipment That He Tried To Give Back
But No One Wanted. Until He Published His Black Box Story.

Then He Was Attacked By The Media And Beyond.

Headline: "911 Charity BIG Busted"


No Mention Of The Fire Fighter, But He Also Was A Part Of T.R.A.C.




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