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I Heard That Trump And General Flynn Have Good Things
To Say About Vivek Ramaswamy.

I Listened To Him As Well. He Certainly Says Great Things
 On Everything I Care About.

Taxes, Soros, Schools, Religion, America First Agendas.

He Came Out Of Nowhere And To Be Honest,
Trump Has Been Wrong Before.

When Someone Sounds Like Trump And Comes Out Of Nowhere,
That Seems Like A Red Flag To Me.
So I Followed The Money.

The Very First Thing I Found Was.. "Born In Cincinnati To Immigrant
Parents," His Parents Were Not Born Here Yet He Can Run For President?
So, Who Changed That Law?

Because If That Part Of Our Constitution Was Changed, That Would
Mean Harris CAN Become President If Biden Is Impeached.

Mr Ramaswamy Graduated From High School As A Valedictorian.
He Entered  Harvard Law School In 2007, With A Summa Cum Laude
and Phi Beta Kappa With A Major In Biology. The Article Doesn't Say
How His Harvard Tuition Was Paid For.

While At Harvard Vivek co-Founded StudentBusinesses.com, A
Technology Start Up Company Which Connected Entrepreneurs With
 Professional Resources Via The Internet, And He Led The Company
To It's Acquisition In 2009

An Acquisition Is A Business Combination That Occurs When
One Company Buys Most Or All Of Another Company's Shares.

He Made His Money In 2009 Selling His Internet Business.
While Working As A Partner At A Hedge Fund, QVT Financial From
 2007 - 2014. Ramaswamy Co-Managed The Firm's Biotech Portfolio.

In 2011 He Received A Fellowship
The Paul & Daisy Soros Foundation
This Article From Their Website Is 3 Years Old.

Soros Foundation - LINK

Mr Ramaswamy Used His 2011 Soros Fellowship To Get Into
Yale Law School, But You Always Stay A Fellow In The
Soro's Foundation


During 2011 He Attended Yale.
In 2013 He Earned A JD From Yale Law School.
By This Time Ramaswamy Had Already Amassed A Net Worth
 Of Around $15 Million Dollars, Before Graduating From Law School.

In 2014 Ramaswamy Started Roivant. The RIO In Roivant Refers To:
 "Return On Investment." Roivant Is The Parent To A Family Of Subsidiary Companies Focused On Rescuing Drugs That Have Been Through Initial
Testing And Abandoned By Other Drug Companies. Roivant Works With
Other Pharmaceutical Companies And Universities To Complete
Testing And Development.

Now I Understand The Soros Fellowship
(Stipend, Research Facilities)

Ramaswamy's Company Roivant, Puts That All Together.
They Buy Or "Recuse" The Drugs, Then Sets The Rest In Motion
With The Pharmaceutical Companies & Universities.

Once Tested And Passed, The Drugs Are Then Resold For Billions
Of Dollars. Money For Ramaswamy And His Investors.

Rovant - Company Link

July 14th, 2023

Roivant's Drug Is For Ultra Colitis And Crohn's Disease. As Many
As 2 Million People In The U.S. Suffer From These Disorders.

A 7 Billion Dollar Deal, Which Was "Invested" In To Make More Money
For The Investors. Depending On The Cost They Charge The 2 Million
People Who Suffer From These Disorders,
I'm Sure It Will Make A Great Return On Their Investments.

It's Important To Understand, Ramaswamy Isn't A Scientist.
He's A Business Man. Probably Why Trump Like Him.
He Made His Money Through Pharmaceutical Investments.
Probably Why Soro's Likes Him

And Pfizer


Roivant & Pfizer Form New Vant Company.

Is Ramaswamy A Part Of Big Phama?
I Believe He Is 

One More RED Flag On Mr. Ramaswamy

He Doesn't Seem To Mind Us Knowing The Soros Connection,
But He's "Fighting" The Schwab Connection.

Is He Also A Past Member Of The World Economic Form's Global Leaders?

A New York Post Article On 7/16/23 Says Ramaswamy Is Suing The World
Economic Form To Get His Name Removed From Their Website. Ramaswamy Stated That They Have Been Listing His Name For Two Years. So He Runs For President And Now Decides To Sue Them?

Not Only That.. The New York Post Called It A Landmark Case.
Really?That's The Red Flag I Found.


New York Post Article - April 19, 2023

Because All He Is Asking For In Damages Is... $2,500.00
 Twenty Five Hundred Dollars. The Attorney Costs Him More Than
That To File The Lawsuit. This Is A Frivolous Lawsuit.
Made To Look Important. Landmark Case For $2,500?

And Upon Checking.. His Name Has Been Removed


You Draw Your Own Conclusions.

New York Post Article - April 19, 2023

I Found Someone Else Who Also Did A Deeper Dive On
Mr. Ramaswamy. He Has More Information
On His Substack That You May Want To Read.

Jordan Schachtel - Vetting Vivek Ramaswamy


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