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06/15/22 - Naomi Wolf "Govt Knows Vacs Won't Cure Covid, But Push Them Anyway

06/15/22 - Renaming Monkey Pox To Avoid Being Racists?.. To Monkeys?

06/15/22 - Canada Says Two Jabs Doesn't Work Anymore

06/14/22 - Ploy By Phama To Get Shot On Pediatrc Immunizations?

06/14/22 - FDA Getting Ready To Approve Shots To Kids Under 5

06/07/22 - Mask Do Not Stop Viruses And Are Actually Harmful (That's New?)

06/06/22 - CDC Data Shows Covid Higher In Boosted, Compared To Unboosted.

06/05/22 - CDC Preparing Bogus Narrative To Push Small Pox Vax

 06/01/22 - Fauci's Ten Million Monkey Pox Grant

06/01/22 - Biden DOJ Asks Court To Reverse Order Lifting Airplane Masks

06/01/22 - More Evidence Whuan Experiments On Monkey Pox Before Virus Struck

05/30/22 - Fauci Funding Research For Monkey Pox Cure Before Outbreak.

05/30/22 - The Dr. Who Sold Hydroxychloroquine Sent To Prison

05/30/22 - Medical Company Sues Chinese Manufacturer, 10,000 False Positive Results

Fake News At Work.
Take A Foreign County
. Make Up News That Can't Be Checked.
The Date Of Pics, One 2014 - One 2021

Top Stories: Biden Says Be Concerned, Monkeypoxmaina


Question.. Do You Know ANYONE That Has Broken Out With Monkey Pox?
Me Neither

1957 - MK-ULTRA - Joint CIA/US Army Chemical & Biological Weapons Project
Based At Fort Detrick, Maryland.


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