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Seems The Media Is Finally Picking Up On Ukraine

I Have Uploaded New Videos From Russia And Ukraine.


06/14/22 - Why The West Lusts After Ukraine

06/03/22 - Russia Concludes USA Exploited Ukraine To Develop Bio Weapons

06/04/22 - Kiev Hopes To Get Submarines From Germany

06/02/22 - Greece & Germany Agree To Arms Deal With Ukraine

06/03/22 - ABC Guest Torches Panel Blaming Trump For Ukraine

06/01/22 - Two Examples Of Russia's Use Of Drone Warfare

5/31/22 - Russia Strikes Nitric Acid Tank At Chemical Plant

05/31/22 - Ukraine, Military Summary And Analysis 

The Man Who Sold Ukraine Or Why Russia Had To Invade

History Of Ukraine's Nazi Connection

05/24/22 - Looks Like Media Is Growing Tired Of Ukraine Crisis

05/11/22 - Mitch McConnell "The Most Important Thing Right Now Is Ukraine" - Not Us

05/11/22 - House Passes More Money To Ukraine, 40 BILLION More

05/11/22 - Concerning Videos, Images And Words From Ukraine Front

05/01/22 - Pelosi Secretly Flies To Ukraine

04/30/22 - Poll Shows Americans Not Believing Gas Prices Are Russia's Fault

4/27/22 - Threat Of Nuclear War, Very Real

See How The Media Calls Them Azov Fighters / Not Nazi Fighters?

Russians Searched Them, Put Them In Buses, Then Took Care Of Them Medically

Special Issue November 2020?

Check Out Section Two

"Life & Death In Nazi-Occupied Ukraine"
"Terror By The Security Police"

So Why Did Graham And McCain Want To Help The Nazi's Against The Ukraine People?


           Trump Wants To Talk Ukraine And China... But She Cuts Him Off!

              Media Lies: Russian Troops Save         See Water Bottle, They Shoot It. 
Women & Kids From Wired Grenade                                                   

05/21/22 - Ukraine Nazi's Shoot At Own People, Blame Russia.

05/21/22 - 2,500  Ukraine Nazi's Surrender To Russia Solders

05/21/22 - Ukraine Troops Surrender And Searched.

05/21/22 - Russian Troops Take Care Of Wounded And Load Up Prisoners In Buses

05/21/22 - Captured Ukraine Prisoners Showing Nazi Tats

05/17/22 - Video - Nazi Drug Lord Captured

05/17/22 - Ukraine Crisis - Drone View Of Damage In Ukraine

05/17/22 - Ukraine Crisis - #2 - Drone View Of Damage In Ukraine

Maidan Sniper Revealing Ukraine. - Important Film. Explains Quiet A Lot

05/2/2022 - Ukraine Update From Russia's Defense Minister

April 17, 2022 - Ukraine News Reporter Can't Get Green Screen Right. FAKE

April 17, 2022 - Some More Ukraine Fake News For Us To Believe

April 15, 2022 - Special Forces Ricardo BosiAust - Whats Really Happening In Ukraine

03/22/22 - Let Putin Tell You What's Going On...

03/18/22 - Don't Go Fight For Ukraine. It's A Trap. You Cannot Leave.

03/17/22 - Putin Claims, A Network Of Labs In Ukraine Conducting Military Biological Programs

03/15/22 - Russian Soldiers Show Weapons Recovered In Ukraine

03/15/22 - 03/15/22 - Ukraine People Say Ukraine Army Is Shelling Their Own People

03/15/22 - 03/15/22 - Russian Humanitarian Aid Given To Ukraine People

03/14/22 - You Have Doubts About Putin? ...Never Believe The News!...

03/12/22 - Putin Explains Ukraine Situation From Russia's Point Of View

03/11/22 - Dan Bongino On Ukraine Bio Labs And Fake News

3/11/22 - Chernobyl Is Brand New.. Being Guarded By Russia And Ukraine National Guard

3/11/22/ - Fact Checking The Facts In Ukraine

3/11/22 - 30 Bio Labs Reported Being Found

3/11/22 - Video Of The "Dead Lined Up Except... Not Dead...

03/11/22 - Meet The Leader Of Ukraine, A TV Actor -  Volodymyr Zelensky

03/11/22 - 3/11/22 - Ok So We Have No Bio Labs.. Ukraine Has Them.. We Just Fund Them

3/2/22 - Solider Tells Media That Ukraine Is Shelling Own People

02/11/22 - Press Release From Ukraine About Joe Biden

02/28/22 - People Of Ukraine Painting A Different Perspective Than Media Is...

2/25/22 - Next To An Intelligence Building In Kiev Ukraine Soldiers Burn Documents,

2/24/22 - Putin Invades Ukraine To Help Them. Destroys US Bio Labs...

2/17/22 - Rudy Giuliani - The Phone Call To Zelensky

01/27/21 - Putin At The DAVOS Agenda Explaining He Is On To Them

December 2016  - Lindsey Graham And John McCain In Ukraine. The Case Against Russia

Obama"s Biological Agreement In Ukraine

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