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See The Bigger Picture With Hunter, The Chinese, And John Kerry? Climate Change? And Profits From Electric Batteries. Everyone Of Them Have An "Investment" Of Something To Go With The Great Reset. Scream At Each Other In Congress For The TV, Have Your "Meetings" To Prove Your Doing "Something" Doesn't Matter It Still Goes On...


It All Started With A Call From Joe To Fire The Prosecutor
Investigating Hunter And Burisma .

Hunter's Lawyers Trying To Discredit Laptop. So Here Is The Fun Part. They Say The DEA Took A HB Laptop From Hunter & His Ex's Psychiatrist Office. They May Have Taken A Laptop, But I Have My Doubts It Was Hunter's. Because Keith Ablow Was Being Investigated For Trying To Blackmail Hunter. The Text Messages He Had From Both Hunter And Hallie Mentioned Hunter's Sexual Issue With Hallie's Daughter Natale. I'm Betting That DEA Laptop Has Nothing To Do With Brisma, China Or Joe. Because If They Even Took A Laptop, It Wasn't The The Mac Issac Laptop .... Nice Try!

My Link In The Hunter Biden Tile Section Shows This

06/14/22 - "If It's Important To Me He Will Make It Part Of His Platform" AUDIO

06/15/22 - Hunter Says He Can Manipulate His Dad For Financial Gain

06/07/22 - Hunter Displays Illegal Firearm With Prostitute As Joe Demands Our Guns

05/29/22 - Video - Mac Issac Sues Politico, Daily Beast, CNN & Adam Shiff,

06/01/22 - Hunter's Lawyer Attempt To Discredit Laptop

05/09/22 - Biden Met Tony Bobulinski At Beverly Hilton Hotel

05/09/22 - In Less Than 12 Hours, 2000 Mules Grosses A Million

05/09/22 - Hollywood Attorney Paid Hunter's Past Due Tax Bills

05/02/22 - Hunter Met With Russia Oligarch, Friend Of Putin

04/27/22 - Hunter's Business Partner Made 27 Trips To White House

04/27/22 - Joe Biden, 5.2 Million In Unexplained Income

04/27/22 - Hunter Biden's Documents Lawsuit

04/27/22 - Hunter & Joe Biden Scandal Update

PDF - Tony & Rob Walker - "When He Said Chairman He Was Talking About His Dad

PDF - Burisma EL Signed. "Advise On How To Use Washington DC Contacts"

PDF - Hunter Biden Hard Drive - The Illustrated Primer

04/12/22 - Hunter's Ties To China Business Deals, A Timeline

04/12/22 - Biden Family Scheme Unraveling

04/11/22 - Rep Jim Jordan Says Hunter's Indictment Could Be Coming

04/05/22 - Who's The Big Guy? Asks Grand Jury

04/08/22 - 12 Times Joe Biden Played A Role In Hunter's Business Deals


All In The Name Of Climate Change?
They Keep The Wealth And Force It All To Go In Their Directions.

Natale Biden, Beau's Daughter In Bed With Her Uncle Hunter

In The Biden Family There Is A Thing Called "PHANTOM INCOME"


Hunter Explains Where The Money Goes And He's Not Too Happy About It




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