State Of Maine Estate Recovery Manual

There Are 12 Pages, Six On Each Page

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I Believe That Maine Has A Five Year "Look Back" To Ensure You Gave Nothing Away
(Car, House, Mobil Home, ) Within The Five Years Prior To Your Death.

"Conveyed To A Survivor, Heir, Or Assignee Of The Deceased Including Joint Tenancy"

  A Wife Or Child May Put It Off Until They Pass Away

All Real and Personal Property Included In The Estate


Cannot Be Enforced UNTIL: Meaning They Can Refile

They Give You A Chance To Pay The Debt.

So You Can Apply For A Waiver, But I Believe It Is Only Once Per Estate.

Does This Mean You Put One In When A Parent Passes, That You Cannot Pass It In Your Own Will?

If Your Thinking Of Asking For A Waiver It Would Be Best To Consult An Attorney.

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